More photos from Changping

Eight-Treasure Rice from a Hong Kong style cafe:

Eight treasures rice

Beef tendon ball noodles:

Beef tendon ball noodles

My third dose of ginger coke:

Ginger tea

I’m recovering so fast it’s unbelievable!

A rather old-fashioned sleazy-looking hairdressing salon:


We went in there because I wanted a place to get my hair washed and blow-dried and this was the first we found after asking at many places.

The massage skills of my washer sucked, though. I was thinking I should have just washed my own hair at the hotel. It was a far cry from the last hair-washing service I tried in Tangxia.

But my hair stylist did a pretty good job styling my hair so I guess it was worth it after all.


He gave me cute curls by swinging my hair round and round itself while blow-drying it. It was quite weird but it worked! Hehe.

A wash-massage-style session like this costs between S$3 and S$7. Takes about an hour. The difference in price is in the type of shampoo/conditioner you chose, I think. I had a bit of trouble understanding the guy. I chose the S$7 one.

Walking out into the street fresh from the salon:



We were about to find a taxi to take us to our next destination when the Goonfather spotted a Singapore Restaurant (lol):

Singapore Restaurant

Look what she’s wearing! Sarong kebaya! Haha:

Singapore Restaurant

Random photo across the street:

Changping, China

Got a cab! Still liking my hair:


We decided to check out this toy building we passed by the other day. The outside looks so cool and exciting:

Toy city in Changping

But the inside looks like a warehouse:

Toy city in Changping

It’s a toy wholesale building, lol. It’s quite empty, though. Hardly any customers, many stores are vacant, and even the open stores are pretty empty.

Toy city in Changping

The third floor is the computers and electronics floor, but like half of it is vacant. When we reached a segment where there were open stores, I thought the Goonfather would be excited, but he wasn’t. He said everything there is old. Like 10 years ago technology.

Toy city in Changping

Toy city in Changping

Toy city in Changping

He was more excited about the little boy toys, like this jeep with mounted artillery:

Toy city in Changping

And remote control helicopters:

Toy city in Changping

He didn’t buy anything this time, but I think we’ll be going back to the place again and I think I’m going to have helicopters hovering above my head when I’m working at my computer back home.

Looking forward to it.


7 thoughts on “More photos from Changping

  1. Avatar

    Your age is starting to show a little in those pictures. Don’t think you can blame it on the flu either. Maybe it’s the camera.

    Those helicopters are pretty cool. The GF should have picked one up. They’re great for terrorizing unsuspecting tourists back home.

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Great to hear that you’re recovering:) Ginger coke, who would’ve thought? Those RC vehicles are pretty sweet! Wish i could get one or two for my boys…

  3. Avatar

    Glad that you are recovering. Will try out the ginger coke when the flu monster hits me next time.

    Sleazy-looking hairdressing salon? Admired your courage in venturing into such stores. Haven’t learn your lessons from the China manicure you did the other time?

  4. Avatar

    @Stormy: He did get them in the end. :P

    @MYT: Very nice, thanks! :)

    @LJ: They have Four-Treasures, too. Half the meat. :P

    @RN1209: What’s RC? Remote Control? I’m sure they’re available in Singapore. :P Just maybe more expensive.

    @tiger4: I went inside with the Goonfather lah. Besides, the sleazy area was only upstairs on the third floor. That’s where the washing area is. The downstairs looked like a normal hair salon, just a bit old-fashioned.

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