Just camwhoring

Most bo liao post of the year coming up.

I’ve got 10 minutes to kill while waiting for the Goonfather to finish doing his stuff so we can go out to have dinner. So I decided to camwhore because I’m all dressed up to take photos tonight. (Need to take some photos for Star Blog entry.)

There are taken with my Blackberry because I’m too lazy to take my camera out of my bag, lol.


You’ll notice that I’m not looking directly at the camera because the Blackberry flash is horrible. Not only is it super blinding, it flahes at you for like three seconds. After one photo, you are literally half blind.

Here’s a spoilt photo to show you how terrible the flash is. Not sure why the photo turned out like this, though. I took it the same way I took all the others.




Okay. That was before I was blinded and so was still looking at the camera.

My Yakult bottle looks empty because, well, it is empty. I finished drinking it while taking photos.

It doesn’t take very long to finish a bottle of Yakult.



Okay, I think that’s quite enough. My 10 minutes are up. Need to run!

I’ll have less bo liao posts next week. Just very busy this week cos I had so much work. In the meantime, enjoy your long weekend!

Happy National Day! :)

(Oh yeah, I should have worn red and white, huh?)

9 thoughts on “Just camwhoring

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    Hey um… I’m reading your blog post, and I’ve got ZERO idea of what “bo liao” means… mind enlightening those who don’t speak… whatever language that is? (sorry. =.=; )

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    @Stormy: heh, thanks! :)

    @lucybItes: Oh, so sorry about that! I should have added a footnote but I was in a hurry! :P

    “Bo liao” is a Chinease dialect word meaning “idle, bored, nothing better to do”. Usuaully used on people who do really rubbish, useless things that serve no purpose or benefit. :P

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    dear Sheylara,

    wow! i think you’re great! :)

    i actually found a header of yours atleast 2 yrs ago :O it had an amazing font, which i showed “fontaddicts” on livejournal. it was “Giddyup”, which of course i had to buy!
    i was just goin thru my “header” folder, lookin for a lost thingie & came across yours & decided to check out your site, i am impressed!!!!! you seem to have much going on! and those awards, wow! you certainly don’t get those by posting, “Bo liao”, lol, btw, is bo liao mandarin or canto? juss curious? i LOVE Chinese, and want to learn BOTH languages :)

    so! you are extremely creative & i have 2 questions for you, well, 3 really :)

    the 1st is, to the left of your url, as well as any pages that come up of yours, there is a pic of a tiny pink heart, im DYING!!!! how do you GET THAT? ive seen other ppl have “personalized” stuff on their url’s but urs is BESTIE!!!! plz tell me HOW!!
    i guess the 2nd question relates to that, who is your provider? are you; blogspot, freewebs, etc? i have a freewebs that has my own domain, so you can get your own domain with alot of places, just wondering :)

    oh no, i forgot the 3rd question! i suppose if i read on enough i’ll find out what country you live in, how old you are, if you’re married, have kids, etc :)

    ~ as of today, i am OFFICIALLY A SHEYLARA FAN :)

    i understand you are a very busy gurl, maybe you’re even in school :O that didn’t even occur to me!!! duh, of course you are.

    i don’t mind waiting to hear back, i am just plain dyin to find out HOW ppl get those personalized pics to the left of url, as well as on the left of ev page that comes with :)))))

    ahhh, a fellow PINK Lover, muahhzzz <3

    i look fwd to hearing from you. oh ya! i remembered! as a name-addict, i was wondering what your FULL name is; first=Sheylara, middle & last :) if you don't feel comfortable sharing, that's ok. i just love the way most names flow & have downloaded ev single babyname list, as well as created so many lists of my own!
    i even changed my OWN namiie :) can't WAIT to make it legal! just pondering on the 8-13 dayyum middle names that i can't seem to cut down on :O currayzee ;)
    i'll share THAT story with you another time, & why i hate my real name so much.

    <3 your new (& probably oldest, loL, fan), lotsa Luv, <3 Jiinxsay Lee

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    @Jiinxsay: Wow, thanks for such a thoughtful, sweet message! :) Let me answer your questions now (sorry it took so long):

    1. “Bo liao” is Hokkien (another Chinese dialect).

    2. I drew the heart myself then saved it as “favicon.ico” in Photoshop, then uploaded it to my server. You have to make it a specific size (16×16) for it to work. If you need detailed instructions, just Google “how to create your own favicon” and you’ll find lots!

    3. I’m using the WordPress platform but I have my own web host.

    4. I’m not a student. I’m a professional blogger. Although I am always a student because I love doing courses in just about anything. :)

    5. Sheylara is just my Internet nick. My full name is Shen Qiaoyun (Shen = family name, Qiaoyun = given name). You know how name orders are inverted in Asia, right? (I’m from Singapore.)

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your name story. Are you really going to have 8-13 middle names?

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    @Jinxsay: Oops, missed out your last question. You can get a photo in comments by signing up an account at gravatar.com. Once you’re signed up and uploaded your pic, it will appear every time you make a comment in most blogs!

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