Crossing words with the Goonfather

I was doing a crossword puzzle in bed this morning on my iPad.

I needed a 9-letter word for “aircraft propeller” so I consulted the Goonfather because he knows vehicles more.

“Blades,” he said.

“Starts with J,” I clarified.

“Then your other word must be wrong,” he said.

“What the… it’s 9 letters lah,” I said.

“Hmm… hmm…. I know! Propeller!”


“You can’t say propeller when the clue is propeller lah!”

I added, “And my other word is not wrong. It starts with J.”

He made a serious thinking face and hmm-ed a couple more times.



(Jennifer is my friend Minou’s real name.)

((The correct word turns out to be “jet engine”.))

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18 thoughts on “Crossing words with the Goonfather

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    Looks like in someone’s narrow-minded world view, he missed definition no. 2. Talk about retarded…

    1. a device having a revolving hub with radiating blades, for propelling an airplane, ship, etc.
    2. a person or thing that propels.
    3. the bladed rotor of a pump that drives the fluid axially.
    4. a wind-driven, usually three-bladed, device that provides mechanical energy, as for driving an electric alternator in wind plants.

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    That’s a stretch, Mince Pye. Like saying another word for car that starts with “h” is horse and carriage.

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    Actually, “car” would only refer to the carriage, cart or chariot, not the horse. And that would be an archaic usage.

    And crossword puzzles have always been about exploring the boundaries of word definition, so no, not much of a stretch.

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    I’m sorry, what?


    You think the sharing of knowledge is “trying to act cool”? And instead of trying to learn something new, you lash out? Seriously, how old are you? Immature much?

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    Actually i dont need to learn anything new! cause i already know what u r talking bout and more soha. and ok then next time ill just let the freak fest carry on -_-

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    No need to learn anything new eh? Congratulation on attaining omniscience. Perhaps you might deign to share with us mere mortals how you did it?

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    @Mince Pye: Can’t really blame someone for “lashing out”, though. After all, there’s probably a reason the nick is weather-related. And not a calm one, at that:P

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    @Mince Pye: Thanks, I learn something new today. ^o^. Maybe you always fly people aeroplane, that’s why TGF related you to aircraft propeller.

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