Chio armor and red t-shirt

I was dressed and ready to go out (to get my iPhone 4) but the Goonfather wasn’t ready. He was still busy playing EQ2. So I decided to log in to Rappelz and do some levelling up.

And then, before I even started the game, I couldn’t stop admiring my new armor, so I decided to take screenshots and share it.

My Holy Warrior! So chio right the armor?

Holy Warrior, Rappelz

Holy Warrior, Rappelz

And then I decided to take a photo my myself because I said I would try wear red to commemorate National Day so I wanted to show that!


I don’t have many red clothes. Only three, actually. This t-shirt, a sweater and a dress. Don’t think red is really my colour. I always feel funny in red.

Okay, back to Rappelz! :D

7 thoughts on “Chio armor and red t-shirt

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    Regarding your post-it note, it is an incidence of cognitive dissonance. The dissonance occurred when you realised he made a kind gesture, something you would not have expected from him due to your perception of him as an unkind person.

    To bring it back to the post.. nice t-shirt! :)

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    @Kim: Thanks for your answer! :)

    @Asia Market Girl: Thanks!! :)

    @MYT: Apparently, my content is good enough to keep you coming back for more. Thanks. :P

    @Stormy: Thank you. Ok maybe I’ll buy more red clothes now. :P

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    You look very very different in red (different in a good way); younger more real somehow, if that makes any sense.

    Oh and i like your reply to the troll; Good one LOL

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    @Lx: Hmm… maybe it’s the hairstyle that makes me look younger. And the shorts :P I probably won’t look as young in a red party dress with my hair down and everything :P

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