Watch my very short TV interview

Okay, I’ve posted my interview on YouTube. (Read about the trauma I went through for this.)

It’s not as bad as I expected, thanks to clever editing by MediaCorp, but I could have done better, really.

I only appear for 30 seconds, answering two questions. I said more at the recording, but maybe those were so bad they couldn’t include them. :P I seriously can’t remember. When I’m undergoing traumatic events, my brain kind of goes into a daze and stops functioning. Haha.

Anyway, the video here:

How amazing is it that, out of the three minutes of clip, YouTube has chosen to freeze this very particular retarded expression of mine to be the video thumbnail!

(Yeah I know it usually takes the mid-point of the video. Just my luck! T_T Or maybe I look retarded all throughout anyway cos I was struggling so much with my words.)

Oh, and you can hear that my voice is a little hoarse, right? I was still recovering from laryngitis on that day!

Anyway, after watching that, please go pledge your support for POCC! It’s a good cause! Don’t let my bad Mandarin fool you! :)

10 thoughts on “Watch my very short TV interview

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    haha not that bad what! Whats worse is that my alvl orals is on thursday D: MY CHINESE FAR WORSE THAN URS

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    Hahaha. I can hear you stammering at the start and then trying to recall your script. :p

    Good job anyway!

    BTW, you looked kind of tense and stressed up during the interview.

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    Hey! Just wanna thank you for uploading the entire segment on YouTube! I’m one of the students who were interviewed in the later part of the segment.

    What you and your team are doing for POCC is very interesting. The power of social media indeed!

    And I understand how you felt that time, we were equally nervous and the rest of my interview was mixed with English words already, cos it’s so hard to express EVERYTHING in Mandarin!!

    Anyway, all the best for your cause and hope the word is spreading like wildfire! Great job to you and your team!

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    Hi Jimmy!

    Thanks for dropping by! :) You know what I was thinking when I was watching your segment? “These students speak so much better than me! I am so ashamed!”


    Anyway, you guys are doing great stuff too! I wish much success to your way! ;)

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