Slightly adult joke

This following joke has a slightly adult theme so, underage peeps, especially if you know me, please don’t read it. Haha. Bye bye!

Okay, so, the Goonfather and I are planning to go to China for a week in August, and we were discussing what we wanted to do there. I told him I want this trip to be super relaxing, no toursity rushing about trying to do everything. And very minimal shopping cos, believe it or not, I’m kinda tired of shopping.

“I just want to eat yummy food and fruits (since it’s a fruit season) and go for massages,” I said.

Then I added, “Okay, maybe take a few romantic strolls with you in the evening and see some sights.”

The Goonfather seemed pleased with that. His face lit up, he thought for a while and said, “Are we going to make babies?”

I gave him a sharp, disbelieving look immediately.

“No,” I shot.

He replied, “Awww but if we did then our baby would be made in China!”

15 thoughts on “Slightly adult joke

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    @piers FRUIT SALAD WHAT DO YA THINK! and it kinda says ADULT
    and from what that says you aint an adult. unless thats some
    joke? but um who would make such a dum joke? just saying okay.

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    actually i’m more curious why your immediate reaction was a ‘no’… isnt it natural to er, make babies in your r/ship?

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