My CLEO magazine interview

I really wanted to blog the last two days, but I was bedridden and could only do very simple things on my phone, like plurk and read e-mails periodically.

If you haven’t been following my plurks or tweets or facebook, then let’s just say that on Friday, I was bedridden thanks to my overenthusiastic friends celebrating my birthday on Thursday night. And Saturday, I was kept in bed by a major stiff neck and strong painkillers which also gave me gastritis despite antacids.

I’m a bit better now so I managed to get this scanned. It’s a special interview by CLEO magazine and Coke Zero (now out in CLEO August issue). I’ll share behind-the-scenes photos after I’ve fully recovered!

CLEO interview
(Click picture to enlarge.)

7 thoughts on “My CLEO magazine interview

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    @Sheylara: So THIS was the rock-climbing photoshoot you told us about the other time:) Great pic! You’ve got a cool expression, but that leg placement can’t have been very comfortable, i think. Anyway, “Shen QiaoYun Sheylara”? Shouldn’t there be an “AKA” in there somewhere?:P

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    @RN1209: Well, it was a very challenging photoshoot. I was sweating buckets, and not just because of the sun. :P About my name, don’t ask me. I’m not the writer. :P

    @dudreale: Thanks for your concern! :)

    @Kim: Thank you! ;)

    @tvbaddict: Thanks! :P

    @Mark: Oops, now you make me feel guilty for not getting it out sooner. :P Will work on it and thanks for your comment! ;)

    @tiger4: It’s the angle, duh. Everyone looks plumper from bottom angle shots.

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