Lousy shop policy

I want to complain!

There’s this stationery shop at Bugis Junction called A “N” BC where I spent $122 last month.

They let me apply for a membership card because my purchase exceeded $100. They said they’d mail me the card in 2 to 3 months’ time.

Today, I needed to buy stuff there again. I thought they would let me use my previous receipt as proof of membership to give me the member’s discount. So I spent about 30 minutes shopping, grabbing a bunch of stuff to buy.

At the counter, I enquired about the membership discount. And you know what the girl said??!!

“Sorry you cannot have discount if you don’t have the card.”

I kept explaining that I should technically be a member already; I just haven’t received my card. I mean, usually stores give you a temp card or allow you to use your receipt, right?

Well, this store doesn’t work that way at all!

I asked, “So are you saying your shop is discouraging me from buying stuff here for 3 months while I wait for my card?”

I certainly wasn’t going to buy without a discount because I was gonna spend another $100+ today.

Then the girl started repeating herself no matter what I said. “Maybe you want to get the member card first then you can get a discount.”


Her English is not very good, you see. It was a bit hard communicating with her. She seems like a foreigner.

The long and short of it is that she insisted I couldn’t use my receipt and I had to wait 3 months to enjoy membership privileges.

What a lousy freaking policy can???

So angry cos I really need one particular item (an A3 size hard portfolio case) NOW.

Dumb dumb dumb!

Lucky I already bought most of what I need at Kinokuniya already. I love the Ngee Ann City outlet. I can spend hours in there!

Okay, I feel better after complaining public, thank you.

Am right now queueing at Nando’s. The queue is ridiculous today but I have to wait for the Goonfather to finish work and manoeuvre his way through the traffic jam anyway!

How come Singaporeans are so patient about queues but then they must rush through everything else?

Anyway, Second manga class tomorrow! Whee! =D

8 thoughts on “Lousy shop policy

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    wow i wouldnt even shop at a store like that
    i would just say i dont want the membership
    anymore and shop some where else lol

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    @cherry: I don’t think that’s it. Cos people usually share membership cards anyway and stores don’t really mind. So why not share receipts?

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    @cherry: Shops dun care whose membership card is it anyway as long as you are spending in their shop.

    @sheylara: Some people are just not flexible in their thinking. I also wonder why Singaporeans must rush though everything when all they save is a few minutes.

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    I’ve gone there 4 times in the last month already! I don’t know about others lah, but I like it especially the chicken liver. Chicken is very tender and juicy. Higher standard than Nandos in Malaysia. If you like sour and spicy, then give it a try. The only thing I don’t like is all the side dishes that come with your chicken order. They’re all rather tasteless. :(

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