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You know how sometimes funny incidents happen when you’re with friends and you’re, like, doubling over in laughter and gasping for breath because it’s so damned funny?

But when you try to retell it to other friends, it’s not so funny because the spontaneity is gone, plus the need to explain a lot of background info kills the joke?

I wanted to tell about Japanese class on Thursday because so many funny things happened we were basically laughing from start till end. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t open my eyes. (A bit like how it’s impossible to keep your eyes open at the moment of a sneeze. Try it some time.)

I actually tried typing it out but then realised too many things have to be explained, so it’s really not funny anymore. You’ll probably get tired of reading before you even get to the joke. LOL.

I guess Thursday will just have to remain a happy memory in my mind.

Manga class starts today! I hope it’ll be fun.

I need to get my mind off yesterday’s stressful interview. I was asked to be interviewed for Channel 8 news regarding my ambassadorship for POCC (Power Over Cervical Cancer) and the interview was held in Mandarin.

While preparing for the interview, I realised that I’m losing Chinese vocab at an alarming rate every day. I’m even losing grammar. I can’t have a conversation in Chinese anymore without adding 30%-50% English into the mix.

I think I should go to China more often to get some practice. Yes, I can practise in Singapore but there’s the tendency to use lots of English words because you know whoever’s listening can understand it. So it’s not very effective.

I’ll talk more about the interview when I get the pictures.

Time flies!

I don’t know what I was thinking signing up for so many classes. Eek! Shall have to start giving up some. That is, finish the beginner course but not continue to take advanced lessons. I think the dances might be the first to go. Not very impressed with Jitterbugs.

Gotta go! Hope to see you at SHINE Youth Festival later! I’ll be going at 6:30 pm after manga class!

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