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Since they say a picture speaks a thousand words, I shall just show you a picture.

Enough Talk Just Do

There’s your one thousand words (plus four more as a bonus).

Okay. The End!


I’m kidding, of course. While that’s a very effective picture which more or less sums up what this post is about, I suppose a few more words will be needed to explain things.

So, here’s the key message:

This Saturday, the SHINE Youth Festival will be launching with a bang at *SCAPE with 12 hours of nonstop activities for the youth of Singapore! (Happening 12 pm to 12 am.)

Epic wootage!

SHINE youth festival

In its sixth year now, SHINE Youth Festival is a platform for youths to share and channel their passions and to be inspired. Run by the National Youth Council, the tagline this year, “Enough Talk Just Do”, embodies the spirit of the month-long festival, not to mention the spirit of youth!

(No, I didn’t ctrl-c-ctrl-v the press release verbatim. I rewrote it OKAY. Hah.)

I really like the posters they’ve created to promote the festival. It’s a series of four posters containing the tagline, which can be seen on buses, MRT trains and at Somerset MRT Station.

Enough Talk Just Do

Maybe you’ve already seen them. If you haven’t, you’re not observant enough. Or you’re a hermit. Either way, you must make atonement by reading this entry all the way to the end because I have something important to say there. AND NO CHEATING by scrolling.

With this tagline, SHINE Youth Festival challenges all youths in Singapore to do more than just express their passions through various media. This year, youths are encouraged to inspire others through their actions and to contribute to good causes.

Well, that’s not very hard, is it? Youth is energy! Youth is passion! Youth is heart! And youth, I am assuming, is you!

If you’re between 15 and 35, you’re youth! (Even if you’re not, you can put on a funny hat and pretend. I’m sure no one will be able to tell.)

The festival needs you on this very important Saturday (July 3) to celebrate the official launch of the festival.

Come and be wowed. And come in beach wear because the theme of the day is Urban Beach. Be entertained with nonstop fun activities, including an Urban Beach Pageant!

Urban Beach Pageant

Everyone is welcome! No admission fee is required! Just walk in, you know. It’s, like, an open space.

There will be all kinds of performances and showcases at the 12-hour-long launch party. There will be dance, music, cosplay and competitions. Bring your cameras. There will be tons to photograph!

And also, be ready to party through the night! Starting at 7 pm, it’s Hip Hop in the City time. Then, at 9:30 pm, party on with your favourite J-Rock groups such as Zerodia, Renaissance and Quis, till laaaaaate!

Supporting SHINE Youth Festival is the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, as well as four key partners who will put up marquee events to keep the celebrations going on through the month.

Very exciting events, I must add.

There’s COSMO Youth Parade 2010 by Mascot Parade Limited, happening this Saturday also! Highlights include a costume parade, a card game tournament, a cosplay competition, a Gundam caravan and a maid cafe.

COSMO 2010

The other three partner events (no less exciting) will be held through July after the launch day.

There’s U@SHINE by Singapore Street Festival, which will showcase a host of exhilarating street music and dance performances until July 11 at The Cathay and Plaza Singapura.

Singapore Street Festival

The Big Groove 2010 by O School will present some of the world’s most entertaining dance groups with a dazzling show themed “The Year of the Champions” on July 11. Dance workshops will also be held at O School from July 8 till 10.

The Big Groove 2010

Finally, there will be a series of four community service projects organised by students from the Singapore Management University, one of which is starringSMU’10, a car wash project that will take place in Holland Village on July 24 and 25.


Also noteworthy is the Rolling Good Times event, a fundraiser which will be held at the SMU campus on August 8 to help sick children whose families cannot afford their medical bills. Buy a ticket for $10 and have a great day of fun with less fortunate children! (You’ll receive a complimentary McDonald’s Happy Meal with your ticket.)

You can click on the respective websites to learn more about the marquee events later.

Cos I’m not done yet.

OMG. Seriously.

I said month-long celebration, didn’t I? Yes, I did. Somewhere near the top. See lah you fail your pop quiz. (If you didn’t fail, you can drop a comment to scold me for falsely accusing you. BUT ONLY GENUINE ONES HOR.)

Apart from the four main marquee events, there will also be an abundance of other fringe events which are too many to list here. These will include exhibitions, competitions, workshops, volunteer projects, performances and charity events, just to name the ones that I managed to catch before my mind exploded from the overwhelmage.

Go check the calendar at the SHINE website to view all the events yourselves. Make sure you pace yourself if you don’t want your mind exploding like mine.

Enough Talk Just Do


Okay, then. Last reminder for the road:

The SHINE Youth Festival launch event will be held at *SCAPE this Saturday, July 3, 2010, from 12 pm to 12 am. COME IN BEACH WEAR.

So, here’s the important thing I said that I’ll say:

I will be attending this event together with five honoured people. These people don’t have names yet because I haven’t picked them, hur hur.

Alright, I’m not kidding. Let’s have fun together, how about that? Give me a chance to get to know some of my readers. YOU.

If you want to come to this event with me, drop me an e-mail to introduce yourself and state the times you’re available that day. I’ll arrange the rest. (Limited to five okay, cos I’m not a certified tour guide. I haven’t mastered the ability to grow 20 pairs of eyes and 10 mouths to look after and scream at a large group of people all at once.)

Yes, you can “sign up” for this even if I already know you. That would be kind of nice because it will reduce the percentage chance for a scary stalker to appear in the group.

My e-mail address:


Yes, I know it’s very short notice. This is to train your spontaneity!

And, now, all that remains to be said is…


Enough Talk Just Do

E-mail me!

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    @Sheylara: So that’s what those posters were about. There were quite a few of them around my place too. Hope the event tomorrow’s a success!:) And that the weather holds…

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