Durian season 2010 starts in August

I have been so looking forward to durian season this year.

Sometime over the last few years, I started getting finicky over durian quality. Eating mediocre or cheap durians would make me feel sick. (I get a disgusting sour aftertaste in my mouth and my stomach would churn.) That’s why I have to wait for durian season to get the best ones.

The Goonfather and I made a trip to the durian stall last night. July is supposed to be the peak durian season, no?

Apparently not this year, we found out to our disappointment. The stall owner said it will start late this year, in August.

The durians now are still substandard, he said. But since we were already there, we sat down to eat, anyway.

Eating a durian

We ate three mao shan wang (cat mountain king) durians between us. They tasted good but were generally too watery. The owner said it’s because of the crazy rainfall in the past two months.

By the way, if you’re going for durians with your friends, bear this in mind:

(Club Morte peeps, please don’t read the following two paragraphs. =P)

The seeds nearer the stem will be creamier and taste better, so aim for those!

The durian stall owner said so, explaining that the seeds further from the stem are more watery because of the rain. I didn’t quite understand the logic. But I put it to the test and found that you can actually taste the difference between the stem-side seed and the bottom seed quite clearly.

Eating a durian

So we did get to eat a few pretty decent seeds but it was less than great on the whole. Cost us $77 for the three (two big, one small); I think we got a a 10% discount.

Oh, well. August isn’t too far off. I’ve waited a year. I can wait three more weeks!

13 thoughts on “Durian season 2010 starts in August

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    Nice! Any place for good durians? Geylang has quite a number of stalls……

    It is been a long time since I have eaten durians from the fruit! It is more convenient for me to just buy those packaged ones in the mart.

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    I usually go to Durian Lingers at the corner of Joo Chiat Place and Still Road. It used to be called Four Seasons Durian Cafe.

    Last night, the one I went to was 957 Upper Serangoon Road. The uncle is nice.

    There’s also one rather famous place called 717 Trading which has quite many outlets. I’m not sure if all the outlets have the fruit (rather than just cakes and puffs) but I know the one at Highland Centre has cos I ate there before. :P

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    Durian is certainly an acquired taste, but I may be inclined to try one of the mao shan wang that you and the Goonfather had. Now if I can just manage to get past the wonderful aroma of the Durian. :)

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