Do you want to know my dreams?

I always wonder… do people like hearing other people’s dreams? I mean literal dreams. The ones you get when you’re sleeping.

Because I don’t.

People usually only tell you their dreams when it’s something fantastical or incredibly weird. There’s no point otherwise, is there?

So, the problem is that I don’t like listening to stuff that is not real.

Like: “So, I was running in this forest, frantic to find my way out because I’m kinda lost and there’s this monstrous mutant unicorn on my tail. Then, suddenly, I trip and I start falling through this tunnel made of marshmallows and do you know what greeted me when I landed? Megan Fox wearing a maid uniform!”

I mean, that’s maybe a bit cool and all but IT’S NOT REAL. I just don’t have the patience to listen to something that’s not real because… well, it’s not real.

Watching movies or reading books is different because those are entire experiences. There are proper beginnings and ends, there are good-looking actors, you experience cartharsis in feeling for the characters.

Dream stories are just random nonsensical tellings which don’t really move me.


I suppose my requisite for listening to, reading or watching something is that the telling must move me in some way. Either make me feel happy or sad or make me laugh like mad.

Dreams don’t usually do that.

An exception is when someone dreams about me, then I want to know all about it (unless it’s obscene) because, naturally, I want to gain an insight on what that person thinks of me, right?

So, I’m curious. Is it just me? Or do you actually like knowing what other people dream about?

I’m asking this now because this week’s Star Blog topic is about our most memorable dreams, so I’m wondering if people would want to read that.

If you do, you can read it here:

I was forced to kill my boyfriend.

If not, tell me why!


12 thoughts on “Do you want to know my dreams?

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    You are the most maladjusted person I have ever met. Dreams are real. The only not real thing here in this moment is you, Shey.

    Stop actiong like you are 18, ok? It’s clogging up the internet for people who actually care about something other than themselves.

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    I like how you created a whole new post out of linking to your Starblog post.

    I like to hear other people’s dreams because it reveals what is on their mind and what they fixate upon. For example, dreaming that you accidentally drowned an elevator full of people is appropriate for an internet celebrity like yourself – you wield a certain amount of influence over others and must struggle with the responsibility.

    Also, knowing you are a Leo, it amuses me when you say you “don’t like listening to stuff that is not real.” Fire signs are literal like that.

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    Well, dreams are actually from the subconscious and unconscious state of mind. It somehow depicts what a person truely desire and hopes for.

    Maybe you can try reading up on Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalytic theory which touched quite a bit on dream analysis. Freudian theory can be seen upon as way too abstract, but it can also be quite stimulating to the mind. Ha. Cos he really challenges what you think and do. Your beliefs and values in life somehow is pre-determined from a very young age. Dreams are somewhat the suppressed feelings/thoughts you are actually having but is denying/ignoring/unknown to you.

    Try reading it with an open mind. It can really open up on your perspective about dreams. Heh.

    BTW, I think this week starblog topic is gotten from Inception, the new highly raved movie. Its also about dreams. I havent watched it yet, but my friends who watched it told me that if Freud is still alive, he would have a lot of good things to say about it. :)

    Just to let you know, I’ve a major in Psychology and currently taking post graduate in Counseling (in case you think I am a psycho). Haha.

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    Agree with MYT@gOa – i think you need a psychiatrist you sounds disturb and paranoid. If you watched the Girl Interrupted you are almost the same. Be careful you can go mad you have so much issues in your life.

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    I like how all the armchair psychiatrists and closet psychoanalysts start coming out of the woodwork, throwing around terms like maladjusted and paranoid as if they truly knew what they mean.

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    @Sheylara: Hmm, are there some catchphrases or trending topics that somehow appear in search engines which necessitates weird responses in an otherwise everyday fun-to-read blogpost? Just part of a blog’s rounds, i guess.

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