$10,000 and a diamond necklace

Today, I received an early birthday present. A $2,500 diamond necklace.

Diamond necklace

I also received in the mail my latest pay cheque from Nuffnang.

Nuffnang cheque

When I walked into my room, I saw a box of my favourite pineapple tarts from Malacca waiting for me.

Pineapple tarts

Today should be a madly crazy happy day.

So why am I still feeling depressed over things that are beyond my control?

Why why why.

What is wrong with me! I feel like stabbing myself with a sword.

I should be grateful and happy.


11 thoughts on “$10,000 and a diamond necklace

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    It’s generally difficult to stab oneself with a sword; it’s too cumbersome. Easier fall and impale yourself on the tip…

    But enough about swords. Call me if you need to talk about anything else. Not about ants though, cuz I can’t control them either.

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    Wow….sounds like a great winfall.

    But hey, what up girl? If retail therapy no works(or maybe you wanna keep that for the next trip to China!), there’s always the option to work out!

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    I appreciate your candor. Feelings come and go. It is healthy that you recognize and acknowledge happy and sad feelings. Whenever another wave of depressing feelings hit you, try taking deep breaths and saying to yourself, “this too, will pass.”

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    I too am not in favor of the whole stabbing self with sword idea. Cant you just stab someone with a fish instead, you could even use a swordfish if it makes you feel better.

    You have a bunch of readers rooting for you so cheer up;)

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    Birthday blues… i have that every year..
    :P cheer up!
    总是在这一天感到一种莫名的失落… i wrote tat on my birthday last yr… haha

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    I guess she is a blogger celebrity and her chances are better i guess due to her traffic flows and sponsors.. that’s how she hit $10,000 just like xiaxue and dawnyang

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    Thanks for being so nice and supportive, everyone! You all make me feel better with your words. :)

    @Joyce: Let’s keep that a secret for now. Gotta retain some mystery! ;)

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