This is my medication talking

I thought it would be fun to write a blog while I’m all drugged up.

I’ve got a really bad case of the flu and the doctor gave me some potent medication this morning.

I took my second dose 45 minutes ago and now it’s just about kicking in, giving me that woozy feeling. I feel like laughing. Not out loud, but in my mind.

In my mind, I keep thinking, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” like, every 10 minutes or so.

My intestines are scraped raw and my throat shredded from a whole night and day of coughing. My chest opened a phlegm factory last night. Speaking of which, one time, Swordplay and I were fooling around, saying “fla-gam” to each other nonstop for a laugh. Because we were silly like that.

It’s the annoying kind of phlegm which sticks in your chest and you have to cough your throat raw before you can dislodge it. And, five seconds after you’ve coughed something out, more gets created. It’s freaking bananas.

That drugged feeling from the meds. It’s like your body is heavy, especially your head. But at the same time you’re floating. The disparity of sensations is funny. It’s what makes you go, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” every 10 minutes.

I feel like a piece of my soul wants to float away from my body. I can almost see it coming off the edges a bit. But a part of it is anchored so it can’t fly away totally. It’s like a kite trying to fly away but the string is tied to a tree or something.

You know the cheese head picture I posted last night? You’re wondering what it’s all about. It’s one of those things you’re supposed to attach your own meaning. Cos I won’t tell you. You can attach to it the meaning of “Sheylara is bonkers” and that’s fine with me.

Because that’s roughly what I’m feeling right about now.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” in the mind. My head wants to go five directions all at once! What a funny head. As if that were possible. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Okay, this is all for today. I can’t be arsed to insert pictures today cos the head is laughing too much for me to concetrate. So, I shall be kind and not make this wall of text too huge.


P.S By the way, I still sound like a wookiee.

11 thoughts on “This is my medication talking

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    @Sheylara: Sure hope you get well soon:) In the meantime, I wanna play too! Fla-gam, fla-gam, fla-gam! HAHAHAHAHA:P

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    ohh thats bad shey are you sure you dont have the swine flu ?
    me and my family have had it twice before my mom is still sick
    well hope you feel better shey and the cheese head thing is ROFL

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