Graduating from drawing stick figures

I just made another impulse commitment.

It’s all Minou’s fault. Yesterday, she suddenly announced that she was going to sign up for manga drawing classes. I thought it sounded fun so I decided to sign up, too.

Class starts this Saturday!

This is what my weeks look like now:


I only have one rest day each week. Even so, it just means I get to stay home but I still have to work, study and practise whatever I’ve learnt.

But it’s all fun and games to me so it’s good.

I’ve always wanted to draw well but realised early in my life that I didn’t have a talent for drawing. Since I had so many other interests, I decided to focus on those that I had more talent in.

Now, though, I’m increasingly thinking that being able to draw would be useful. Maybe I will be able to graduate from drawing stick figures so I can illustrate my blogs better.

Budding artist


Perhaps with five years of pratice to compensate for lack of talent.

Our manga teacher is a Japanese manga artist. How exciting ne! We’re told that he doesn’t speak English that well. I will have to brush up on my Japanese double time because Minou says she will be depending on me to be the class translator.

I told her I can only say very specific sentences like, “Where are you going?” and “I like to eat sushi,” which wouldn’t be very useful in manga class.

Speaking Japanese

But she’s still convinced that I will somehow magically be able to communicate with our teacher.

Oh, well. We’ll have to wait and see.

12 thoughts on “Graduating from drawing stick figures

  1. Avatar

    but you will still understand him better than the rest of us! :p

    I think Kerr wants to sign up too.
    We can take over the class at this rate.

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    @Sheylara: So coincident, Inoue was also the school that I attended when I took Basic Jap a couple of years back. Enjoy your lessons!:)

  3. Avatar

    Wow u sure pack your schedule tight. Mine is feed milk, change diapers and pat baby1 to sleep, repeat for baby2 and repeat entire cycle. :P

    As for communicating with your manga teacher, maybe you can use your stick manga to do it?

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