Flowers on the TV

The Goonfather bought me flowers when we went to China three months ago.

We put them on our hotel room TV to brighten the room during our stay there.


I brought the flowers back to Singapore with me. They kinda sat in my suitcase for months.

I hate unpacking so I’m always leaving my suitcases unpacked and sitting around, only digging into them once in a while when I need something inside. Lazy habit, I know.

Anyway, I finally cleaned up my suitcase recently and had to decide where to place the flowers in a room already bursting at the seams (pretending that rooms have seams).

I decided on the TV. (The flowers’ stems are malleable, so you can shape and twist them anyway you like.)

But our TV is flat-screened, so obviously the flowers can’t sit like they did in China. So I straightened the stems and hung them over the top.



When the Goonfather came home and saw them, he was, like, “Eh…. how I watch TV like that?”

I argued that we hardly ever watch TV these days, anyway, what with EQ2 and all. Which is true.

But then we decided to watch Ip Man not long after. I thought he would remove the flowers but he didn’t, so we watched the entire movie with them hanging over the frame, lol.

It wasn’t that bad, though, since the movie’s in super widescreen format, so the picture didn’t take up the entire screen and the blockage was minimal.

But the last few nights, the Goonfather has been watching World Cup and he can’t see the scores cos the flowers are blocking that corner.


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    @sheylara LOL omg thats the same thing i do lol when i pack up and
    go some where and then we come back my suitcase and whatever
    i packed just sits in my room under my bed untill i feel like unpacking

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