Don’t wear makeup or you’ll look hideous

Why why why!!

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10 lessons you would like to impart to your children


Of course, everyone who knows me knows that I don’t really want to have children for many reasons, some selfish, some actually altruistic.

But I suppose I can imagine how I would teach my children if I had them. In my imagination, my children grow up to become monsters despite my best efforts at educating them.

I believe in 50% nature 50% nurture. There are some attitudes that are hardwired in people which are almost impossible to unwire. I know that for a fact both intellectually and intimately.

So, really, my best efforts would only make up 50% and it comes down to luck of the draw whether I conceive a monster or not. With proper upbringing he or she will be a half monster at best.

Scary, no?

But enough rambling.


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