Being a greedy, voiceless person

This flu bug that’s been going around is vicious. It’s been more than a week, I’ve finished all my medication dutifully, and I’m still not well!

Still sniffling, still coughing, still “fla-gamy”.


Laryngitis is very inconvenient, seeing as how I’ve signed up for so many activities this month. Which leads me to believe that it’s a health hazard just stepping out the house.

I was much healthier when I stayed home for weeks at a stretch playing EQ2, wasn’t I? If I’d continued staying home, I wouldn’t have caught the flu bug, would I?


On the bright side, I’m excited about filling up my days with classes.

Last week, Wen and I became certified sport climbers. (Yes, while I was sick, cos I had already paid for the course, no choice.) We now have the knowledge to use all the required safety equipment when climbing. We did this course so we can belay each other when we go climbing instead of having to hire a belayer.

Rock climbing

LOL at Wen’s bright orange overalls (standard issue from the school for people who turn up without suitable attire).

So, I learnt the painful way at the course that it’s very important to tie long hair up when belaying to prevent hair from getting stuck in the belay device.

It’s quite fun, though. I prefer belaying to climbing now because I still haven’t conquered my fear of heights.

I’ve also started on a couple of dance classes (Jazz and Hip Hop) and my hamstrings are screaming in fury now after the gruelling stretching session they were put through on Monday.


I suppose this will come in handy when I start on my wushu classes (waiting for after I recover to start).

I’ve also joined a Dungeons & Dragons group. Yes, the pen and paper kind, although when I walked into my first session in our DM’s kitchen, I thought I had walked into a lan party. Everyone was using laptops with excel sheets spread out, and the DM read adventures off his MacBook.

I’ll get a picture the next time, cos Fluffy Prime wants to be in the picture, too.

I’ve kinda stopped playing EverQuest II. Just need some changes in my life.

I’m most likely starting Japanese classes later this month.


And still looking for a singing teacher. (I kinda still haven’t made up my mind whether to sing pop or classical.)

Also getting private lessons on photography. Planning to get a DSLR, well, eventually.

Something will give along the way. I don’t suppose I could keep up with a zillion classes for long. I just feel the need to start on everything I’m interested in. Because if I have to pick and choose, I will never start on anything.

I’ve always had this greed in me to do everything, to learn everything all at once. I can never be satisfied with sticking to one thing.

But I really, really need my voice back now.

Tired of sounding like a wookiee.


9 thoughts on “Being a greedy, voiceless person

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    @Sheylara: Whoa, an actual real-life D&D group! Brings back memories of my own Robotech adventures decades ago. Natural 20s FTW!:)

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    Argh, I had a bug very similar to yours. Felt like a head/chest cold during the first 4 days. Slept a lot and did the fluids. Then it took another two weeks for it to go away. During that time I was phlegmy and all post nasal drippy and coughing. Mine wasn’t flu because I wasn’t all achy all over but it’s a real inconvenience!

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    wen – I bet he couldn’t help but pay extra attention to you because of your overalls. Keke. “bright orange object … must … notice”

    qy – yay for classes! I’m taking language lessons too – but erm Cantonese (I tried getting Japanese but I missed the last intake and im too impatient to wait 3 months for the next cycle to start)

    I’m taking amateur photography classes too. No DSLR for me yet but might borrow a friend’s old Nikon to try it out. Those things are heavy though …

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