A cancer you can prevent

Okay, public service announcement time!

No, seriously, you want to hear this because it could save your life. Or maybe that of your loved ones.

I’ll make it very easy for you and just give you the most crucial facts.

Fact #1

Cervical cancer kills one woman every two minutes, worldwide.


Yes, this is a female issue. But if you’re male, you should know this, too, because you want to protect your loved ones, don’t you?

Fact #2

In Singapore, more than one woman dies of cervical cancer every 5 days.


Fact #3

Females as young as 15 and as old as 80 can get cervical cancer.


Fact #4

Death by cervical cancer CAN be prevented.


There are two ways to do that:

  1. Go for a PAP smear once every three years.
  2. Get a cervical cancer vaccination (you can ask your GP about it).

Even if you don’t get a vaccination, a PAP smear can help. If cancerous cells are detected early enough, a life can be saved. Although you really don’t want to get it in the first place. Cancer treatment is NOT fun.

But let’s do something even better. Let’s reduce our risks of cervical cancer by reducing our risk factors.


Risk Factors of Cervical Cancer

  1. Becoming sexually active at a young age.
  2. Having unprotected sex with multiple partners.
  3. History of other sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Having sex with a partner whose sexual history you don’t know.
  5. Smoking. Women smokers are 10 times more likely to develop cervical cancer.

Now that you know the crucial facts, I’m sure you want to know more details.

What’s cervical cancer exactly? How does it grow? What does it look like? What are the symptoms and effects?

All your questions will be answered at the Power Over Cervical Cancer website.

Power Over Cervical Cancer

Don’t procrastinate! You can protect yourself and your loved ones starting now.

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    John, you need to improve on your general knowledge. Cervical cancer is caused by promiscuous behaviour? Goodness.

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