This weird person

Okay, here’s the missing post which I accidentally deleted the other day. Reader Dallas found it on Google cache for me, lol.


So strange.

I was walking out of my housing compound to get to the main road to get a cab. As I walked past the guard house, a car was also at the same time driving out.

The passenger at the back seat rolled his window down and started waving and gesturing to me. He was on his mobile phone at the same time.

There was no one else around me he could be gesturing to but I also didn’t recognise him, so I just ignored him.

Then he started shouting (cos we were some distance away), “Go where?”

I turned back to look at him. He started gesturing “where” and said, “Where you going ah?” as if he knew me. At this time, he still had a mobile phone stuck to his ear.

Of course, I looked at him puzzedly then looked away again and the car eventually drove off.

Why got people so weird one.

Oh, then I got in a cab and said “Kinta Road” and the cabbie kept saying “Sinta Road”, despite my repeated enunciating to make sure he got the right road.

Story of my day.

Blogging on my iPhone cos I’m out today for meetings and didn’t bring Fluffy cos I can’t find her power cable amidst the mess in my room.

And can’t bring my MacBook out cos I don’t have a case for it. LOL.

Speaking of which, I’m still undecided on which laptop bag to get. Some help?

Juicy Couture laptop bags

10 thoughts on “This weird person

  1. Avatar

    Been reading your blog for quite awhile and I love it. Been through quite a number of entries and its a joy. Keep it up! :)

    With regards to the bag, the left one is pretty! Versatile too cos of the extra strap, you got the option of sling or hand held. :p

  2. Avatar

    @sheylara are you sure that you
    dont have a friend that you havent
    seen for a really long time and he
    just dosent look the same ? or maybe
    he has a friend that looks like you
    and he think your his friend or even
    girlfriend lol but anyways thats strange
    and both of those bags are SO CUTE!!XD

  3. Avatar

    That is one strange dude. Maybe he knows you from your blog or something, haha!

    Also: pick the second bag! The first one looks so cheap :x

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