This is how they eat soup tulang in China

I think this was in Tangxia, a small town in Guangdong, China. (I always forget little details like that, which is why I’m a blogger and not a journalist.)

Isaiah took us to this huge restaurant. It has a main hall like a hotel’s banquet room and then it has another storey or two that houses countless private dining rooms. You could get lost in there.

Restaurant in China

But only the staircase looked grand and beautiful (in an outdated manner). We were shown into a rather dirty and cluttered room to wait while they prepared another room for us.

Restaurant in China

Our room had a poster of Chairman Mao. It was all very quaint, as if we’d stepped back in time.

Restaurant in China

But the food was delicious. Isaiah ordered a feast for us and there was only one dish I didn’t like, which was the mutton tulang. I gave it a try, anyway, because they give you straws and disposable gloves to eat it and I thought that was kinda fun.

Mutton tulang

First, you scoop out a piece of bone and put it in your bowl.

Eating mutton tulang

Then hold the bone with your gloved hand and start chewing up the meaty, gooey bits on the outside.

Eating mutton tulang

When done, poke a straw into the hollow of the bone.

Eating mutton tulang

Suck up the marrow!

Eating mutton tulang

It’ll be hard to suck everything up all at once, so you pour some soup into the hollow and then mash up the marrow a bit with your straw before attempting to suck again.

Eating mutton tulang

Rinse and repeat till it’s all gone!

I didn’t really like the taste so I didn’t finish my bone. Isaiah was the only one eating the whole pot by himself cos the other girls refused to even try it. Haha.

Here are some of the other dishes that we ordered which were so good.

Prawns on a skewer:

Prawn skewers

Tender pork pieces:

Pork pieces

Two-face fish:


The Chinese are really good at spicing their food. All their dishes are so full of flavour that it’s truly a joy for your tongue with each bite. Peppercorn is a favourite ingredient, although it’s more tongue-numbing than anything else. But I like it!

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5 thoughts on “This is how they eat soup tulang in China

  1. Avatar

    Hehehe – somehow your pic reminds me of eating KFC. In HK, KFC gives you disposable plastic gloves to eat with! (I prefer my KFC finger lickin’ good though!)

    I’ve never seen whitish mutton soup before! Whats inside the broth, you know?

  2. Avatar

    ok one word about the mutton stuff GROSS!!!!!!!!!
    i mean why shey why well its your life but still
    why would you eat something that nasty and gross
    no wonder why the other girls did not want to eat
    it that would make me barf if i saw someone eating
    that and now i just saw you eating it AHHHHH BARF

  3. Avatar

    Wonder what would happen if Stormy saw TGF eating Tulang the other night… I think barf until inside out…

  4. Avatar

    Sucking the mutton stuff is gross ?? Of course it is not as yummy & shiok as compare to sucking your guy’s penis & sip up those pipping hot sperm…!!!

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