Kicking an addiction by going shopping

I woke up at 12pm today, which is a decent time for me at this stage of my life.

I had planned to blog and then spend the rest of the afternoon cleaning my room in preparation of recovering from my EverQuest II addiction.

Yes, one can plan to kick an addiction. But in the process of kicking it, you need to have other things to do, hence the preparation.

For example, you can buy yourself some pretty gym clothes so you can haul ass to the gym without giving off the impression that your last visit was in 1980.

At the gym

My room had gotten really disgusting while I was spending all my free time gaming. I need a clean room to indulge in my other hobbies.

Well, so, things didn’t happen quite as planned today. I ended up spending four hours searching for laptop bags online. I wish someone would start designing pretty laptop bags. I have half a mind to start designing them myself but I can’t draw.

You don’t want someone who draws like this to be designing your laptop bags, do you?


In between shopping, one can also get distracted by hundreds of little things requiring attention. For instance, cooking in Cafe World, crafting in EverQuest 2, and leafing through newspapers.

I was alerted today that my name had appeared in Digital Life under “Top Searches”.

Top searches

Unfortunately, the top search wasn’t me. Haha. It was Jipaban. I was simply named as being in association with it.

But I’m glad that Jipaban is getting the hype it deserves. It’s an awesome site! :)

Anyway, plodding along, I finally found a laptop bag for my Alienware and a laptop sleeve for my MacBook. Both aren’t even close to what I want but they are functional and cute enough to use for now.

Laptop cases

It’s a brand called Cool Bananas from The MacBook sleeve is reversible so you can use the black or red according to your mood!

GearZap is a UK site that doesn’t ship outside of Europe so I had to go search around for a shipping service to use, which took up even more time. I decided to use Borderlinx since I’m a Citibank card holder.

So, it’s 4 pm when I’m done and I have 15 minutes to blog before getting off my chair to prepare for an event I have to attend tonight.

Of course, a moderately decent blog takes more than 15 minutes to write, so I’ll end up rushing and probably forgetting to bring something or other.

I think I’d better stop writing now.

I shall leave you with a link to my Star Blog post this week.

Why Singapore women are so desirable.

Fiona Xie

I’ll bet you have a zillion things to say about this. Hopefully good.

Chat tonight 9 pm at Star Blog?

5 thoughts on “Kicking an addiction by going shopping

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    @wccw75: er… how come you change your nick?

    @linjie: Me too! I only hope it’s good quality. Some reversible things don’t reverse very well.

    @tiger4: Haha. You’re welcome. :P

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    Cool banana? Walau, the name is so funny. Haiyo, why you keep on writing advertorial ad for jipaban. But thanks for the introduction, I like the color of the design very much.

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