Yummy ice that doesn’t melt

I’ve never really liked ice desserts or ice-blended drinks because ice hurts my tongue (and sometimes teeth).

I would eat mango shaved ice because I love mango but will leave most of the ice alone. Haha.

But Nanny Wen recently introduced to me this thing called snow ice, which gave me a new liking for ice desserts.

Milo snow ice

Pictured above is Milo snow ice. It doesn’t look very appetising in my photo but it’s very tasty. It’s Milo-flavoured ice with Milo powder, so how can it not be tasty!

The special thing about snow ice is that the ice has a very satiny smooth texture, which makes it not feel like ice as we know it.

Milo snow ice

It’s shaved into very thin slices and it doesn’t seem to melt until you put it in your mouth. If you poke your spoon at it, the feeling is like poking at a bed of felt cloth, very soft and huggable (although I wouldn’t actually recommend hugging your snow ice).

It’s very amazing.

The first time I tried snow ice, I marvelled at it all the way like a suaku.

“It’s so soft!” I would exclaim.

“Wow! It doesn’t melt!” I would say.

“So fun to play with!!” I would squeal.

Durian snow ice

I swear the ice doesn’t melt. You know how ice desserts are always a pool of water by the time you’re halfway or three-quarters of the way through, depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors?

This snow ice remains ice right till the end.

Or maybe it’s because I was sharing with Nanny Wen so we finished faster. LOL. You go try and tell me lah.

I’m sure there are several places you can find this in Singapore, but I only know two: City Square Mall (in the food court) and Hougang Mall (Dessert Story #02-18).

They have flavours like mango, durian, green tea, chocolate and, erm, I can’t remember anymore.

It’s actually fun to eat, never mind tasty. And it’s not very expensive. Under $4 I think.

Uh oh. I want to eat snow ice now. =(

10 thoughts on “Yummy ice that doesn’t melt

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    Snow ice has been quite popular lately. I m surprise you never did try. If I m not wrong, think it is started by the Taiwanese. Love the mango snow ice. Yummy…

  2. Avatar

    I remember trying this in Beijing 2 years ago. I thought it was the freezing weather that kept it solid, so it actually doesn’t melt!

    Oh, and it’s kinda pricy in Singapore.

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    The milo snow ice pic looks like chocolate ice cream with condensed milk. (hmm – wonder how what would taste)

    I remember there used to be a taiwanese shaved ice place opposite sim lim square but not sure if it is still there.

    I saw snow ice at the taiwanese night markets but didnt try because the store was toooo crowded. Argh, regret not trying now :(

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    that looks yummy the green tea flavor i would
    try first but i have never tryed snow ice before
    and just wondering what dose erm mean its a flavor
    but what is it i have no clue at all

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    @Sheylara: Hougang Mall’s a normal haunt for me and my family. I’ll go check it out next time I’m there:) By the way, why isn’t my drink cold? Coz there’s snow ice! Hehe….:P

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    There is a kiosk at AMK Hub Basement 2 that sells Snow Ice. I wanna satisfy my craving there someday soon! Heh. There used to be a stall at Marina Square food court some years ago selling Snow Ice, too. Not sure about now as I have not visited the mall since, like, then. First had Snow Ice in Malaysia more than 15 years ago. Cannot remember which part of Malaysia though. Nevertheless, the dessert was superb.

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    Hey just want to say you write as well as you look. That’s rare. Certainly cheered me up after a quarrel with my mum and I could not work. Chanced upon your blog, read a bit, got hooked and then started reading every single blog from 2005 till present.

    My boss walked past and let out a huge, guttoral sigh. I guess you could say I just “kena-sigh”. If I get unemployed, the blame is solely on you….

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    there’s dessert story at heeren’s B1 should you have sudden cravings when you are at orchard. keke. =)

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