Visit Sheylara for regular updates (LOL)


So so so… did any of you win an Xbox 360 yet? I’m still waiting for someone to report on their big win here! =D

There are four weeks remaining in the contest, you know? Don’t let the chance slip you by! Got friends in the market for a new phone? Tell them!

If you missed my previous post about this contest, here’s a refresher:

So nice, right? Someone made a Flash thingy for me to embed on my blog! Whee! (It’s a bit hard to read cos it had to be resized to fit my blog but still readable lah.)

See, it says: Visit Sheylara for regular updates.

Indeed, yes. I update you on many, many things. For instance:

Contests and promotions! (Yes!!)

Microsoft promotion

My travels! (Which I hope to do more of.)


My gaming addiction! (Which I hope not to do more of.)


Now, I shall attempt a bit of subliminal manipulation: Visit for your daily dose of delicious abuse entertainment!

Did it work?

Okay, fine. It’s not subliminal at all.

Well, I don’t care.


8 thoughts on “Visit Sheylara for regular updates (LOL)

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    They’re the in-zone transport, not really a mount. Anyone can take them to get from one fixed locale to another. Kinda like… train routes.

  2. Avatar

    heh heh heh tehehe ummm ok im starting to
    go dead when i comment 0_o x_x O_- RORR


    ok im back hello wait nevermind im still DEAD!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh
    the horror the horrow ahhh I CANT TAKE IT BLAHHHHHHHHHHH

    sorry for all the akward stuff this has been a missunderstanding
    wow thats kinda a long ohhh nvm SIGH oh well

    SORRY HEHE *_* 8()8

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