Need your help, please

Some time back, I submitted this post to the Star Sports Blogger Contest.

And I just only realised that it’s over and the winners have been announced. LOL. I didn’t win but I’m now in the running for Favourite Blogger.

Need your votes please. =P

Votes needed

Unfortunately, you need to sign up and log in to vote, but it’s for a good cause. Voters stand to win a laptop! And so does the winning blogger! =D

Please click here to vote for me. Mine is now the first entry, under the name of Qiaoyun Shen.

Thank you so much. Love you all!!

And happy long weekend!

12 thoughts on “Need your help, please

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    @Sheylara: It was a great article, and definitely deserving of a prize:) You’ve got some catching up to do though. We’re given a maximum of 3 votes, but I can’t seem to give all 3 votes to you leh:P

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