Exposé on Sheylara

This was the hardest topic ever I had to write for Star Blog.

Star Blog

The deadline was Monday morning and I didn’t start writing it until Monday morning (that is, I did it after midnight before going to bed). =D

We were supposed to pretend to be a writer doing a profile on ourselves for a publication, highlighting our strengths and weaknesses and achievements.

I sweated over it all weekend and lamented to my friends. It brought back memories of when I had to write my first resumes. I could never do it right.


I would show it to someone and he would say, “What kind of lousy resume is this!! Who wants to employ you like this! You must blow your own trumpet!”

I would wail, “I cannot lah! It’s against my nature!”

And he would insist, “You MUST if you ever want to get a job.”

It was the hardest thing for me to do and I wanted to quit job hunting forever. I might have if Singapore had welfare.


I was lucky in that many of my first few day jobs were gotten through friend recommendations (mostly writing and web design jobs, which didn’t require mind-blowing resumes as much as spiffy portfolios).

I’m quite comfortable at writing decent resumes now, after years of practice at breaking the stubborn shell of humility off myself, but writing an interview article about myself is something else.

I waited until I was about to collapse from exhaustion before writing it so that I would be somewhat numbed to the horror of the job.


I’ve done many profiles on celebrities during my times as a journalist, so writing profiles is chicken feed for me. But I used to always praise my subjects to the skies and make them sound really good. (It’s also against my nature to make someone sound bad.)

So, it was really, really tricky. How to do a good job at this assignment and yet avoid being totally shameless?

In the end, I still managed to get it done. I’m a stickler for meeting deadlines, if nothing else.

If you’re curious to see what kind of work I can produce while sleep-deprived, CLICK HERE TO READ IT.


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