Vacuum fail

Project: Vacuum The Goonfather’s Tummy failed cos he was lying too far from my PC, and my USB vaccum cleaner could only reach the edge of his tummy. Plus he kept wriggling with ticklishness.

USB vacuum cleaner

Erm… I spilled prawn cracker crumbs on him while we were watching TV in bed.

5 thoughts on “Vacuum fail

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    Yes, it’s very useful…. for sucking up crumbs and stuff… around your desk and keyboard. :P

    I didn’t buy it. Someone gave it to TGF and he gave it to me. But this kinda USB toys you can sometimes find at Action City. Saw one there during Christmas!

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    @Sheylara: Speaking of Action City, I saw a 4WD remote control car there that allows you to drift! Man, I’m so tempted to get one:P

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