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Haha. Someone just started a blog called “Owe Money Pay Money”, dedicated to the media industry in Singapore, where it’s common to hear complaints from freelance professionals that they never got paid for their work.

I myself have been a victim. Two years ago, I was shortchanged $400 for an acting project.

I never did get the money back because the producer (also a freelancer) disappeared.

Actually, he did reappear (through e-mail) but when I asked him about the money, he disappeared again.

After countless years of struggling, I’m really glad that I don’t have to depend on freelance projects to survive anymore, because it really sucks to be exploited. But my heart goes out to fellow professionals who continue to be shortchanged day after day.

Apart from allowing media professionals to rant and warn others against specific individuals or companies, I hope this blog manages to address and reduce the problem, eventually!

Well, okay, maybe the title of the blog is a little inelegant, but I find it funny. Haha.

And, I guess, it’s the cold, hard truth.

Click here for the blog.

10 thoughts on “The angry blog

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    Thanks for sharing this site!

    I really have to warn others of this particular conman (I would really wish to refrain myself from using that word, but I can’t) – Augustine Justin Cheo Yi Tang. I dare to put his full name down as I am certainly not accusing an innocent person.

    After I was not paid for the job I did for him, I did a little research and discovered that he conned others before me. And I also found out that he conned one more after conning me. Such guts!

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    I know Augustine Justin Well and i believe he is not such a person coz i have work with him many times and he does pay me in cash or in his own company cheque once after an event or 14 days after event. And if he have conned many others, i don’t think he will still be working in this industry and doing so many other events. So freelancer, please stop framing others when you don’t event know the truth.

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    wow! i thought no one would dare disclose Augustine Justin’s sins!!! Im wrong… seriously Im one of the victims. I have friends who said that he likes to borrow money and not pay back. Though my freelance payment is insignificant, I urge anyone who is approach by him to have black and white on the agreed fees. I’ve heard from other freelancers not being paid by him… Jazzy is probably one of the lucky ones to be paid or someone associated to him. So freelancers beware! Be very careful and remember this name…

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    WOW someone is speaking up for Augustine!?! Perhaps Jazzy is the conman himself. Afterall, Ausutine Justin Cheo Yi Tang is good in lying and delaying payments. And then DISAPPEARS. No matter how many phone calls or sms or emails one sends to him, there will be no reply at all. One should be lucky that IF he even replies, but only to be unlucky as Augustine Justin Cheo Yi Tang will try to delay payment, citing some reasons.

    Does he even have lots of events to cover these days? Maybe yes… Cos he manages to cover his shit rather well and continues to con other unsuspecting victims.

    How he is able to survive? He uses the $$ he conned/not paid to those. That’s for sure! DUH!

    And oh! He borrows camera equipments and NOT return to the extent that he only returns AFTER the guy goes to report the police. And he returned cos if he doesn’t, he has to go jail cos it was a criminal offence!

    To Contractor, I dunno who you are… But I know how you probably had felt. Im not sure how much was your payment supposedly by him, but we should really make people be aware of a conman like Augustine Justin Cheo Yi Tang!

    Like Freelancer, I DARED to say his full name out coz everything I said is the TRUTH! This I can swear on everything that matters to me!

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    How does the murder case link to his conning of pay? … i only know he is not trustworthy… Jaz.. i do not know how old you are or how close you are to him..or maybe you are actually he himself… all i know is .. i know for a very long time.. i thought after so many years … he probably be changed for the better…

    After reading all these .. then i know he is still doing that, and if i do see him, i wish i could ask him…. “aren’t you tired??… being kena chased by people wherever you go?”.. as i am… after kena his shit.. and now gotta clean for him…

    Hope he knows what he is doing.. if he does read this blog…

    Always remember this… Heaven is fair….

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    Sg is small … and the industry is smaller … isn’t easy to bump into him ?
    what goes around comes around … chill …

    I agree w puppy … and remb : heaven has eyes … heaven is watching :D

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