Going to Disneyland with Mickey

I’m the happiest girl on earth!

Tomorrow, I’m going to Disneyland for my first time ever, courtesy of Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong Disneyland

In honour of this happy event, I bought Mickey Mouse luggages! I bought a large and a small one. Minou also bought a small one!

Mickey Mouse luggage

I’ve actually been eyeing them for a long time (few months) but kept resisting because they’re so expensive. Comes in three sizes and the listed prices are $400 (S), $500 (M) and $600 (L). Crazy, right?!

But each time I passed by the shops that carry them, I couldn’t help staring wistfully.

After a few months, the luggages were still sitting there, so I figured I could try and bargain more because they might want to “clear stock”. So expensive, only crazy people will buy lah!

After some hard bargaining, I finally got the large one for $400 and the small one for $250! Still expensive as luggages go BUT IT’S MICKEY MOUSE.


Mickey Mouse luggage

Going crazy with anticipation!

We’ll be staying at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and treated to the Star Guest Program, which sounds cool! Because each room can accommodate four, I’ve invited three other people — the three lucky loves of my life — the Goonfather, Minou and Elyxia. =D

Tell you all a secret!

The Goonfather is a huge huge huge Disneyland fan. He visited the one in the USA and has been trying to drag me to the Hong Kong one for ages but I’ve been too poor to go. Hahaha… so unexpected right?

Anyway, this is a really wonderful surprise!

I’m going to buy lots of Disney merchandise home! That’s why I need that giant luggage. Heheh! And the great thing about travelling with a male partner is that you can leech his luggage allowance. Hahahahaha.

Mickey Mouse luggage

14 thoughts on “Going to Disneyland with Mickey

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    @stormy – Thanks, thanks!! It was really fun! :)

    @phy79 – I bought one at People’s Park Centre and another at Lucky Plaza.

    @RN1209 – Heh… thanks! :)

    @DC – I’ll think about it. :P

    @Sacha – Thanks! :)

    @tiger4 – No… I’ve only started making money the past year or so. Previously have always been broke from being a jobless freelancer.

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    hi, may i know how much are those luggage , i mean are they in HK dollars or US dollars ?? is the large one for 600 HK dollars ??

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    Hi babe,

    Since you bought the pink mickey mouse luggage, Do they sell mickey mouse comic strips luggage in Hong Kong Disneyland? and how much do they sell?

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