Games and deadlines

Alright. Time to get down to serious work. *slaps self* Been gaming too much despite mounting deadlines.


PopCap games are too addictive! I’m even hooked to the Puzzle Booble-type games (Dynomite and Zuma) even though I’ve always hated Puzzle Bobble.

The game developers are really good at keeping us playing. Most of their games provide a lot of stress-relieving satisfaction (great sound effects and animation like a zillion zombies getting blown up at once) and the levels don’t feel repetitive. (Sign up for free play of all the games here.)

I also love the humour. The help page for Plants vs Zombies cracks me up.

Plants vs Zombies Help


I have a hundred deadlines (exaggerating a bit) these two months, mostly advertorials, so Raine from Nuffnang made me a blogging schedule showing when to submit a post and when to publish it.


So thoughtful of her!

I found it very useful, so decided to adapt it and make my own version because I wanted to add my other assignments (like Star Blog and Stuff magazine) and I wanted bigger boxes to write on.

So I made monthly planners for March and April!

March 2010

April 2010

The images and icons are from Microsoft clipart. Really quick-and-dirty job. Just draw up boxes in Excel and pop some colours and random pictures in them.

It is now happily sitting on my wall, being ignored! Yay!

April 2010

I keep telling myself, “One last game,” and it never ends because… WELL IF YOU GO PLAY SOME POPCAP GAMES YOU WILL KNOW.

My deadlines are looming nearer and nearer! Many blogs to complete before I fly to Shenzhen/Hong Kong next Wednesday. I will still have to work a bit even during my vacation but I’m trying to finish up as much as possible before then!

Stupid games!

8 thoughts on “Games and deadlines

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    I downloaded the Popcap thingy but up till now I havent even opened it yet, because I’m afriad I’ll get addicted! I get addicted to things way to easily!

  2. Avatar

    Hahaha… I know what you mean. A few games I end up never touching cos was afraid of addiction. For PopCap, I really NEVER expected it would be this addictive. T_T

  3. Avatar

    well i don’t play PopCap game’s but i play online
    game’s and i really like them i have to i mean HAVE
    TO play them online everyday or i wont win stuff and
    see my friends online but it’s really really cool its called
    free realm’s online and it is so fun and cool i love it and well……….live it lol

  4. Avatar

    eh, put a link share w us lar.. hahahaha

    i damn lazy to do my own :P

    and using book planners, sometimes i just CBF to flip

  5. Avatar

    I’m addicted! I spend my day playing Plant vs zombie, zuma revenge and feeding frenzy!

    Thanks for recommending PopCap world!

  6. Avatar

    @stormy – Oh yeah, I know some people really enjoy Free Realm. Too bad I don’t have time to play so many games!

    @naeboo – I only have March and April lah, don’t think anyone wants to download. :P If I end up making a whole year’s worth then can consider sharing, lol.

    @Dallas – Yay! I’m always happy to hear of people enjoying games! =D What’s your username? Add me as friend! I’m Sheylara. :) Feeding Frenzy is so satisfying when you can chomp all the big fish, isn’t it? :P

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    @Sheylara: Imagining a conversation based on your planner – “Okay, so whatcha doin’ next week?” “Imma be busy…” “With what?” “With, y’know, stuff!”:P

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