Everything is fun!


It is quite an evil thing having to write about something when you’d rather be doing it, instead, is it not?

I’m looking at the various interest groups at in2it.sg (which I blogged about last week) and I’m very interested, indeed!


As y’all know, I’m a greedy person. I have a zillion interests and I want to do everything! It just seems to me like everything in life is fun! Well, except getting gel nails. And a few other things like talking to self-righteous people. Not fun.

But, seriously, I have half a mind to join a few of these in2it.sg’s interest groups. It would be so fun to do stuff with people who enjoy doing the same stuff!

Rock climbing

That’s why I have my beloved friends (Club Morte) for that, but I guess they can’t accompany me in everything cos, while we have overlapping interests, we also have different ones.

Like, since trying out rock climbing at SAFRA Yishun last year, I’ve been wanting to do it again but none of my friends are in2it (lol) so it became a neglected desire.

Rock climbing

So, perhaps, I shall join the in2it.sg Adventure Club to find people to climb rocks with!

The in2it.sg interest groups are split into four categories:

Leisure & Entertainment — Clubbing, Movies, Gaming, Music

Lifestyle — Travel, Gym

Sports — Adventure, Dragon Boat, Tennis, Table Tennis, Archery, Shooting, Badminton, Squash, Running, Golf

Interests & Hobbies — Photography, Motor Sports, Community Services

Most of them require a SAFRA membership but it’s very cheap and definitely worth it. (Find out more here.) Think of all the fun to be had!

Bako National Park

I would like to join the clubs for movies, gaming, travel, gym, adventure, shooting, running, photography and community services. So much to do, so little time! I am currently addicted to Plants vs. Zombies on my PC so all those activities will have to wait a while.

I guess gaming will always be my main passion, although it’s hard to say, because I enjoy all activities equally. Maybe I just game more than anything else because it’s the most convenient. =P

Speaking of which, if you were to tag me on this image, which would I be? (I know you’ll surely tag me Gaming Geek. So predictable lah.)

in2it.sg tagging meme

It’s a contest, actually, happening at in2it.sg’s Facebook fan page! You upload this image into the fan page as a fan photo, then tag as many friends as possible based on each friend’s interest.

So, for example, you might tag me (plus anyone else into gaming) as Gaming Geek.

And you could even WIN AN IPOD NANO 8GB if you have the top three highest number of tags!!!


Yes, yes. You can tag me. If you’re not already my Facebook friend, request here.


But it’s up to you. =P

9 thoughts on “Everything is fun!

  1. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Was this rock-climbing outing recent? Thought you went with Jayden the last time:) Anyway, “Gaming Geek” aside, i think you can also be tagged with “Thrill Seeker”, “Movie Lover” and “Globe Trotter”. Not a lot of choices though. I mean, what about “Pool Shark” or “Football Fanatic”?

  2. Avatar

    well i mean since you love to play plants vs zombies
    so much then id have to go with gaming geek lol but
    then there is all so party lover and good samaritan

  3. Avatar

    @RN1209: You miss out “junk food lover” tag for Sheylara

    @Sheylara: Envy you. I have no time or money for anything. Gonna get worse next month when my boys arrived. :'(

  4. Avatar

    @RN1209 – These are archived photos lah. I’m sure you’ve seen them before. :P

    @chak – You can suggest :P

    @stormy – Yeah, it’s hard to tag a person right? Everyone has a few interests at least!

    @motd – What kind of adventure sports are you into? Maybe you can join these clubs!

    @tiger4 – Boys? You’re going to get twins or something? :D

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