Comic relief

Something cute for a Sunday evening!

The latest from icanhascheezburger:


It’s funny, although not necessarily my favourite lolcat.

Just thought to mention it cos it reminds me of Conehead Zombie in Plants vs Zombies!

Read the description!

Plants vs Zombies

The PVZ guide to all the plants and zombies has the most irrelevant but funny stories.

A few of my favourite ones:

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies

Too funny and cute for words! I would like to kiss the writer of these funny descriptions.

No, I’m no longer obsessed over Plants vs. Zombies. Because I’m obsessed over Dynomite, instead.

No, no. Really. I managed to get some work done last night and today. Slowly but surely ticking off all the items on my planner!

You might be asking, then, why am I reading lolcats when I’m supposed to be working?

Cos I follow ICHC on Plurk so I get updates instantly lah. I have a few things open on my screen 24/7 and Plurk is one of them. Gmail is another.

Awright, back to work!



5 thoughts on “Comic relief

  1. Avatar

    lol those cats are really cute lol oh and i went to
    PopCap games and i played plants vs zombies and
    it is kind of creepy but fun at the same time but plants
    vs zombies is the only game i did have time to play….

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