Wash your car now!

Let’s get all our cars sparkly clean for Chinese New Year!

The Goonfather just went and got Makkuro washed at my friend’s car wash setup, hehe. (Yes, we painted Makkuro pearl white, he’s no longer black.)

My friend, Isaiah, with his crazy bunch of friends, are washing cars tonight from 11pm to 3am. ALL PROFITS WILL GO TO CHARITY.

Car Wash

Car Wash

That’s Isaiah doing the tyres, haha.

It’s open to everyone. Just drive to 963 Upper Serangoon Road. (It’s behind Punggol Nasi Lemak coffee shop.)

Car Wash

Tell Isaiah Sheylara sent you! Go go go and happy Chinese New Year to all! Be prosperous and healthy and all that! =)

(Remember, only open from 11pm tonight till 3am.)

Update: Forgot to add. The car wash costs $6!

3 thoughts on “Wash your car now!

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    Dear All,

    Please do drop by our charity carwash if you are free!

    All Proceeds will be donated to the Strait Times School Pocket Fund!

    Also, for every dollar collected from the car wash, SHINKO TRADING Company will be matching it with another!

    Do your part for charity and your beloved car!!

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    Hey, I’d bring my cars over but they’re on the other side of the ocean… Good cause to raise funds for!

    Makkuro being white means he won’t get so hot under the Singapore sun.

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