Unboxing Alienware M11x

The Goonfather has a new toy!

There I was, busy doing my work, and he comes along and says, “LOOK AT MY NEW TOY!”

It’s still in the box at this point of time.

Alienware M11x

I said, “WOW!” to make him happy, and waited.

He repeated, “My new toy!”

I said, “Wow!” again and waited for him to open the box to show me.

He said, “Don’t you want to take photos of it???”


So, here I am, doing an unboxing post to humour him.

Alienware M11x

So the first thing you see when you open the box is a nice, glossy box with strange characters on it.

Alienware M11x

The Goonfather asks, “Is that supposed to read ‘Alienware’?”

I said, “How should I know? As if I can read alien.”

I thought the machine was inside the box so I was excited to open it. But I was cheated. Inside it is all the boring shit like cables and installers.

Alienware M11x

The actual gem is hidden underneath the glossy box!

Alienware M11x


Alienware M11x

Presenting the Alienware M11x!

Alienware M11x

Well, ok, I don’t have fancy studio lighting and equipment so I can’t take a nice photo, so here’s an official photo, instead.

Alienware M11x

According to the Goonfather, the alien head will glow when you turn the machine on. And you can change the colour of the glow in 256 colours!

The insides glow, too!

Alienware M11x

Okay, now I am so tempted to buy one for myself and make it glow pink!! And I shall bling the front if I survive blinging my suitcase in the first place.

Alienware specs for all you techies:

11.6″ WideHD 720p WLED (1366×768) display
1.3 mp web cam
8-cell primary battery
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor SU7300 (1.3GHz/800MHz)
Dell Wireless 1520 802.1 In Half Mini-Card
500GB 7200RPM P11 Hard drive
Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth 2.1
4GB Dual-channel 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM
Nvidia GT335M

It is a beautiful, wonderful, compact gaming machine!!

36 thoughts on “Unboxing Alienware M11x

  1. Avatar

    It would cost me more than $100 to ship it to you and then go through all the hoops in customs. :P

    Why not just go to woot.com and wait for one to pop up. There were two sales in the last 3 weeks.
    Seems Dell overstocked a bunch and had woot sell them off. No guarantee that it will come up again, but it just might. That’s the woot game. lol

  2. Avatar

    SU7300 CPU might not be fast enough to handle heavy GFX game. Is just another CPU faster then atom netbook.

    Keep us posted on the CPU speed. I am interested to get another netbook on this SU cpu.

  3. Avatar

    Realliveman – U talk like the guy at Sungie Rd flea mkt….”I can sell you at S$89 but i don’t have stock now. Please talk about a price that can be measured for delivery! I wish I could see u in person to measure ur ego and gumption!(oh no… he goes to check out that word)

  4. Avatar

    Burn, go to woot.com and see for yourself. I suppose you have never bought a Dell before because if you did you would know that Dell doesn’t let consumers export them without a license. You gonna pay for that?

    Why am I even talk to you? This is not about you.

  5. Avatar

    ok so is it alienware or is it a dell cus the one in the pic is alienware
    but every one is saying go to woot.com for a dell not a alienware i
    dont get it really i dont ?

  6. Avatar

    @Sheylara: It does look kick-ass!:) But the CPU speed’s only 1.3GHz? You sure about that? Coz isn’t that like, Pentium III slow?:P

    @TheGoonFather: Yeah, the strange letters do spell “Alienware”, coz the symbols for “A” and “E” are repeated just like its spelt.

  7. Avatar

    omg so much crap here….

    stormy/Kerr/Mincepye: Alienware is wholly-owned subsidiary of Dell, understand?? Since 2006!

    Realliveman: Your $300 deal or whatever is not available in Singapore since you admit yourself that no re-export is possible without a license. Different markets with barriers!! You might as well say that you can buy one for $50 in Timbuktu.

  8. Avatar

    Although Minou is right, maybe I should have used the higher-end marques of VWG instead of Audi, such as Bentley or Bugatti.

  9. Avatar

    Core 2 Duo?! That’s abysmally outdated!

    The MacBook Pro has had Core 2 Duo processors for 8 months now – and look at the MacRumors forums – four threads of 1000+ posts, filled with people that demand Arrandle i5/i7 chips! Even Apple, which has never exactly pride themselves as a company that makes gaming computers, cannot be forgiven for including outdated Core 2 Duo chipsets. Just how can it be inside an Alienware laptop, which is supposed to be superior?

    My four-year-old PC has a Core 2 Duo. And so does another of my laptop, which is three-year-old entry level notebook. Note: entry level. This is simply unacceptable!

    In fact, besides the GPU, this whole machine looks stupid. Even current MacBook Pros that are outdated can house 8GB of RAM. When you say a MacBook Pro has better specifications than a gaming PC, you know something must be dead wrong with the PC manufacturer.

    Well, we never thought this day would come, but Sony has outdone Alienware! Just look at the Sony VAIO Z – amazing machine that’s but the weight of a MacBook Air; 13″; Full HD resolution; Blu-Ray optical drive; quad-SSD drives in RAID 0 configuration; GeForce 330M GT;automatic hybrid graphics; 6GB RAM; 802.11b/g/n; mobile 3G chip. It’s a pipe dream!

  10. Avatar

    Just to add, it’s probably Dell’s acquisition of Alienware. Since when did Alienware become the Apple of the PC world? They look just like a MacBook Pro, totally pimped out to the dark side.

  11. Avatar

    Comparing to the big brothers who are either I7 or Quad xtreme, this little bugger is on par to a core 2 duo T7300 that runs on less power than a Atom n210. Giving it a batt lifespan of up to 8hrs on a single charge. The big brother version that runs on I7 last only 1hr 45mins on a single charge. And being 70% lighter and 11″ size, it is a very portable machine capable of gaming. Works for me as I am looking for a netbook size with the ability to game and have a long batt lifespan. In term of price, definitely cheaper than the Vaio X which cost almost $3000. :)

    1.3ghz dun mean anything. It is the bus and cycle that matters. My I7 is 2.2ghz, but that doesn’t mean a pentium4 4.0ghz is faster.

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