So many pretty laptops


I suppose everyone knows by now that I go for looks more than function in gadgets.

As long as the gadget serves my needs, I will choose the prettier one even if it has less impressive functions.

If it’s very highly-rated but not pretty, I won’t buy it!!


So I’m really happy that companies like Dell are nowadays making more of an effort to serve vain people like me. =P

Just look at the Dell Design Studio range of laptops. I am especially seduced by the latest OPI series!

Dell OPI laptops

So glossy and beautiful, and you can paint your nails to match! Hehe! Isn’t that awesome?

These Studio 15 laptops, skinned in six different OPI colours, are powered by Intel Core i5 processors, upgradable to Intel Core i7 Quad-Core.

That’s, like, really powerful.

You also get a Hi-Def 15.6″ widescreen LED display, surround sound with subwoofer, built-in wireless card, 4GB RAM and up to 500GB hard disk space.

Dell OPI laptops

That’s a really good machine there. It’s like striking gold when you find a gadget that is good AND pretty! I like!

Besides OPI, you could also have your Studio 15 laptop skinned in Artist Edition designs. Artist profiles and designs can be seen on the Dell Studio website!

Dell OPI laptops

Some time back, Dell ran a contest for the best laptop design, with a prize money of $2,500 and a Dell Studio laptop skinned with the winner’s design.

The submissions are now up for voting! I had a really hard time choosing my favourites because they’re all so good.

Well, okay, not all. Some are not so good but there are enough good ones.

After spending a long time deliberating, I’ve picked eight favourite ones. I voted for all of them! (Yup, you can vote for more than one. It would be impossible to vote, otherwise.)

Dell OPI laptops

All so pretty, right? I love clean and bold designs, not necessarily at the same time. I would love to have any of these on my laptop!

Go vote, go vote!! (You’ll need to register first.)

Click here to check out Dell Studio laptops and vote your favourite designs before Feb 12, 2010!

6 thoughts on “So many pretty laptops

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    @Sheylara: Wow, those designs look really good! I especially like the last one you picked, i.e. the one with the long-haired girl. Nice job with the ad, as always:)

  2. Avatar

    Dell ditching their boring blue grey coloring. Wonder does it comes with design like Sheylara’s China made 3D nails? Must come with little red hearts too… :P

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    well i like the colors of the lap tops and i like the lap tops but all that mubo jumbo
    is kind of makeing me crazy but i really like your nails oh and your hamsters thats
    how i got this link on the yahoo web i was looking for pics of hamsters just for fun and
    i seen your pics with the castle stuff and so i went here and its really paying off i love your web site and i going to try i sed try to make my own cus i have lots of hamsters and cool storys and stuff like that so thanks and bye

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