Random photos

The Nuffnang office has all the comforts of home:

Sheylara at Nuffnang

Fake light-bulb tree at Loyang TPK Temple:

Fake tree

Close-up of the bulbs:

Fake tree

Bought a Juicy Couture bag for CNY:

Juicy Couture bag

Has a little tag attached inside which you can pull out:

Juicy Couture bag

Other side is a mirror:

Juicy Couture bag

New lippies for CNY:

Dior lipsticks



Nanny Wen tweeting our first lo hei dinner this year:


Minou the cat hiding from Morte the toilet paper king:

Minou and Morte

Dolls I bought from China for the girls in Nuffnang:


Dana trims her doll’s hair:


Dana applies lipstick on her doll’s cheeks to simulate blush:


Dana blending the colour on her doll’s face:


A home for the dolls:


Raine and Elise arranging the dolls for a photoshoot:


New ribbon ring:


Bought one of those bag hanger things. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet:

Bag hanger

I wear earrings like once every two years. But I couldn’t resist these:


I hardly wear belts, either. Sometimes I buy them just in case I ever need them:


New bangles:



Catering truck

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Random photos

  1. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Okay, Dana doing her doll’s make-up and hair is kinda creepy… reminds me of voodoo:P anyway, Happy Year of the Tiger to you too!:)

  2. Avatar

    Oh the Fake light-bulb tree at Loyang TPK Temple is so pretty! Reminds me of cherry blossoms somehow.

    Love the bag hanger thingie with the blingy crown! :)

  3. Avatar

    well its not that creepy i mean me and my sister use to put make up and do are
    dolls hair when we were little but dana does not look little how old is she ?

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