Operation: Emergency Nail Rescue


I don’t think I have time to find a salon to fix my nails before Chinese New Year, so I undertook an emergency fix myself.

Painted pearl diamond colour over everything, especially covering the red tips.


Before nails


After nails

It’s a bit clumpy but still looks okay from far and I don’t think many people will go close to scrutinise my nails. If they do, I’ll wallop them when they get near.

Just kidding.

By the way, it’s DAMN hard to paint over gel nails. It won’t adhere!! And if I paint thinly like normal, it won’t cover the red! That’s why I had to pile it on rather thick and it’s taking forever to dry. ARgh.

Please tell me it looks better now. At least a bit??

11 thoughts on “Operation: Emergency Nail Rescue

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    @Sheylara: I realise that the main problem with your previous nails was that hideous red heart, which you have successfully covered up. So yeah, infinitely improved, great job!:)

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    You can try this trick to remove your gel nails on your own.

    Use nail polish with acetone. It will slowly remove the gel.. or you can just buy pure acetone solution and soak your nails in it for at least ten minutes, then peel/buff the gel off!

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