My Stuff magazine interview

I just received the PDF for my Stuff interview spread, so here’s how I look uncreased.

Stuff Magazine

I have to admit that that looks pretty nice.

The problem is that no one will know except you who are reading my blog now.

Because whoever picks up the magazine from the newsstand and flips it open to my page will see THIS:

Stuff Magazine

Woe is me.

Click here to read the interview.

11 thoughts on “My Stuff magazine interview

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    Actually, my face also not very good to look at in that pic, that’s why I never show closeup lolol. The smile looks a bit constipated. I think I was grimacing!

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    I have to agree that the photo looks better in full spread. The way the binder cuts shorten your legs :p really spoils it. Still I seen prettier pictures of you than this. Maybe its the hair or your pose.

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    @tiger4 – I can’t always look good in photos I guess. :P And anyway, when I take myself, I always take a lot and only choose the best to put up, hehe.

    @stormy – Awww, how sweet. Thanks :) I’m sure you can prettify yourself a lot with makeup. I mean, I also depend a lot on makeup, hehe. :P

    @Realliveman – No. :P

    @abraxis – Thanks!! :)

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