My new logo + bling party!

My new watermark/logo/whatever:

Sheylara's logo

Nice nice NICE??

I spent eight hours working on it so you’d better say it’s nice!!!

Just kidding. You can be honest, as you all always are whether I like it or not. =P

It’s nice and sparkly up close but doesn’t show as well when shrunk. =(

Sheylara's logo

Shrinking it to watermark size totally kills the effect but I can’t do anything about it so I shan’t brood. Maybe I’ll get tired of it after a week. I do get tired of my designs very quickly.

In any case, I’ve decided to make my “official” colours black and pink, which will make life easier for me because so many gadgets are boring black and I can’t buy them!

Now that I have blinging partners in crime, I can decorate all my black stuff with pink sparklies. But I’m not sure how fast we’ll tire of our new hobby. It’s so damn tedious.

I bought a Guess luggage recently. It was on 40% sale at Tangs and only cost $180!

Guess luggage

It’s made of very lightweight material. You can actually press it in but it’s supposedly very sturdy and won’t break. What’s most important is that it’s very light! And blingable!

Wen suggested that I bling the logo, so we went down to Arab Street to grab some crystals at the shop made popular by Xiaxue.

But the shop owner is, like, damn slack lah. Only open his shop for four hours!! We know because we were there before he opened and then we were there again when he closed. Will talk about it in a while.

Our bling party:

Bling Party

There’s Wen picking up crystals from her legs and the floor. She managed to spill my crystals on the floor twice even before we started.

Crystals are damn expensive okay!! Cos they’re Swarovski!

A little pot like this costs $45, and that’s with a $10 bulk discount.


Anyway, we drove back to Arab Street again a few hours later because I realised that I needed more crystals in different sizes. When we got there, we saw that the shop was closed and the shop owner was getting into his car!!!

Wen said, “STOP HIM STOP HIM!”

But nobody dared. We just watched him drive away in dismay.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we went on to see if we could find sparklies in Chinatown and WE FOUND THEM.

AND THEY ARE SIGNIFICANTY CHEAPER TOO. And they have very beautiful black crystals which the Arab Street shop doesn’t have.

The crystals are sold in little packs of 144 crystals. In Chinatown, they cost $3-$6 per pack depending on size. In Arab Street, they cost $5-$7 per pack. (But I think we got some discounts at Arab Street.)

If you buy in bulk of 1440 pieces (at Chinatown shop), you get a discount and it will come in a packet like this:

Swarovski crystals

(I bought a half pack and a full pack. Half pack no discount.)

I spent about $200 on crystals, tools and containers that day.

Bling Party

Bling Party

Bling Party

But what’s most painful is not the cost… but the tedium of blinging.

Especially when some goofball goes and mixes up your size 9 and 10 crystals so that you have to spend half an hour separating them cos they’re almost similar in size and it’s hard to tell them apart unless you scrutinise very carefully.

While Minou worked on her iPhone case, Wen and I worked on my luggage. After an hour or two, we only managed to do this:

Bling Party

Yeah, the luggage gets fingerprinty. =(

SO MUCH MORE TO GO. We need to bling all the letters, the question mark and the triangle frame.

Bling Party

As you can see, there are many holes around the edges. That’s why I had to go out to get more crystals, cos I didn’t buy enough small ones the first time.

I don’t know how long I will have to take to finish this~! It’s very worrisome because I need to use the luggage next month!

Anyway, if you’re looking to buy crystals, the Chinatown shop I was talking about is this:

E Crystal
People’s Park Centre #01-38
101 Upper Cross Street
Tel: 6533 6684

You might also need to buy crystals from the Arab Street shop even though it’s more expensive there, because both shops actually sell slightly different sizes.

89 Arab Street

Next projects: My Blackberry and my upcoming new camera (will buy next month). And then my iPhone.

Where to find so much time. And money! T_T

35 thoughts on “My new logo + bling party!

  1. Avatar

    EEK! You are missing from your blog title! Where did you go?

    For you new watermark, nice, very typical of you. Girly, Geeky and Groovy

    For you luggage blink blink, won’t they drop off? Airport personal are not known to be careful when handling check in luggage.

  2. Avatar

    @Sheylara: Thumbs up on your new logo! I like how it looks like an accessory you can wear. Merchandising opportunity perhaps?:)

    @tiger4: I was thinking the same thing about the luggage zhng-ing. Improper handling aside, it may also attract unwanted attention:P

  3. Avatar

    @RN1209: Good idea on the merchandising opportunity. My first thought – Car Decals!!! Sheylara can then pass it all over Makkuro or print on T-shirts. Will we get to see a new merchandising link here?

  4. Avatar

    nice watermark/logo/whatever! hahaha. but might be nicer if opacity is lower? if u get what i mean. hahaha. and good luck with blinging your luggage! i secretly think the frame would simply take you forever…

  5. Avatar

    Love the new logo!! So nice and sparkly.
    Can’t wait to see the end result of the blinged luggage / iphone / etc. Im so very tempted to start too :p

  6. Avatar

    Just a thought: hope the glue you used is strong enough. the luggage handlers at airports can be quite rough with the luggage.

  7. Avatar

    Oh snap! I just I should look closer at the pictures! You have Guess luggage?? WTH?? Talk about bling!!

    “Your limo will be around shortly, madam. Will you be wanting use of the jet today”

    You don’t have to add any bling to it. It’s bling in itself!

    Dang, I wannta be Sheylara with my Guess luggage and sparklies, hold the sparklies. :P

  8. Avatar

    @tvbaddict – Blinging is very hard work lor.

    @Sharona – Thanks! But um, no, I don’t like to make logos as a rule. I did this because I had no choice, I needed one. :P

    @chak – Not new. It’s a branding thing. :P

    @tiger4 – It’s a cabin-size luggage. Not going to check it in!!

    @RN1209 – Haha. Yes, been thinking of merchandising for years, but it’s one of those things on the backburner and will be for more years to come. :P

    @RLM – Guess is not a big deal is it? It’s kinda like a low-end brand?

    @abraxis – It’s a cabin luggage!! :P

    @Mince Pye – Just keep reminding me not to pack my toiletries in my carry-on. -_-

    @Shin – Er… why lower opacity? Wouldn’t it become dull? Yes, I think the luggage will take forever to bling. I dunno if I have enough time to finish it before my next trip! T_T

    @Elyxia – Hehe… we can have another bling party next time you’re back!

    @Kim – Cabin luggage!!! :P

  9. Avatar

    Not sure about everybody else, but it is auto-subscribing me to them.

    I wassn’t really complaining, I was just giving you a hard time like I always do. That’s the R Club scene. It’s what we do! :P

  10. Avatar

    wow if that was my bag i would bling it out too i hate plain and dull things they make be barf lol its true and i think you might have just as much time as you need and you dont think that other ppl will try to take the bling off oh wait are you going to be with your friends or with other ppl you dont know ?

  11. Avatar

    Nice logo.

    Sorry, but don’t really like the blink blink thing on your luggage. Why don’t u do the same as your logo. Paint it pink and sprinkle some sparking powder.

  12. Avatar

    @RLM – I have deactivated the plugin, which used to allow people to choose to subscribe to specific posts. Let me know if you’re still being subscribed to new posts!

    @stormy – Uh… I am going with friends, of course! I wouldn’t go holidaying with strangers! :P Anyway, people would find it hard to remove all the blings. The glue is quite strong.

    @cyc1op – Hmm, that’s a good idea. They have those sparkling coloured powders so I don’t even need to paint it. But I already started on the blinging so I can’t change now! :P

    @stormy – Haha yeah, haven’t had time to get them removed. And I recently e-mailed a nail artist to make an appointment but she never reply me! Grrr.

    @chak – Oh you mean making logos? No, no. I hate making logos. It’s a chore. Only did it cos I had to. :P

  13. Avatar

    And it’s a chore (logos) that’s made even worse when you have to deal with “designers’ worst nightmare” type of customers… which you will definitely end up with sooner or later.

  14. Avatar

    Hey gal,

    Something to share with you. I know a website whereby they customize iPhone backside casing from only SGD$39.90 with Swarovski Crystals. At first I’m in doubt, where got so cheap, I made my own card case, it cost me over $50+. After a few emails with them, they seem quite promising. I ordered a Chanel Logo design at only SGD$39.90. When I received the casing, I was trilled… It was so pretty, even my hubby said worth the $$$. Maybe you can check with them.

    Dun quite remember the website… only know the blog is “Design Your Crystal”.

    Good Luck!!!

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