My loot from China

I didn’t buy as much as I wanted to in China because we actually spent a lot of time travelling. In six days, we went from Macau to Zhuhai to Humen to Shenzhen to Tangxia to Zhangmutou back to Zhuhai then to Macau again.

Plus retailers were still selling winter stuff.

So, here’s what I got (besides shoes and clothes cos I haven’t photographed them yet):

Knitted hat

Knitted hat

I know these aren’t very practical in Singapore but I needed them to save my life in China since it was winter.

Plus they are super cute, which is the true reason I got them.

I didn’t actually need them after the first day because it started getting warmer and warmer and warmer.

Cheap watches

Cheap watches

Cheap watches

Okay so I went a little crazy with the watches. But they are SOOOOO CHEAP.

After bargaining hard, each watch costs S$3 to S$4.


There was one I really really liked but it cost like S$7 after bargaining which is still super dirt cheap but on principle I would have been conned if I had bought it, so I didn’t.

(Cos it was like RMB15 vs. RMB35 which, in RMB, is a huge difference.)

Being in China for a while makes you cynical and penny-pinching because everyone is out to con you. Most of the time, they will quote you anywhere from 2 to 5 times the reasonable selling price, so you really need to spend time bargaining.

Then, after a while, you suddenly realise that you’re beginning to spend 10 minutes just to bargain off 50 Singapore cents, and then you start to feel a bit silly.

Cutie headband

Cutie headbands

Cutie headbands

Cutie headbands

Cutie headbands

Did I go overboard with the headbands, too?

I’ve always liked headbands and even bought a few in the distant past but never wore them out because they just didn’t look nice on my straight, limp, slippery hair.

Now that I have curly, damaged hair, the headbands actually look nice, so I am overcompensating for all those missed years!!!

Okay plus headbands are so sweet nowadays (love the ribbon types; I have so many now!) and they are cheap in China, all under S$10.

Leaf hairclip

Don’t puzzle too hard. It’s a hairclip.





I wonder if anyone recognises any of the above jewellery.

S$20 each.




The exact same bag in two different colours (using a different strap for each).

I know they both look almost the same colour but it’s just the photo. One is black and the other brown!

I like buying similar things in different colours when I can’t decide which to get. Cos I always regret not buying the other colour of something when I need it to match an outfit!

Bags = S$10 each.

The one on top with the bear tag is, like, S$7.

Wanted to buy more bags but couldn’t find many nice ones.


LOL. One of every colour I like. Can’t remember how much but cheap enough for me to just grab without having to consider too much.



A little pouch I bought for Wang Wang. They actually had about five colours and I kinda wanted to buy a couple for myself, too, but I ended not. I can’t imagine why. I think there were times when I tried very hard to be sensible and thrifty. Duh.

Cute danglies

Cute danglies!

Okay, that’s the lot!

I might share photos of my clothes and shoes in the form of fashion shoots (with me in the picture lah) but I’ll have to try and figure a way to manage that.

Very hard for me to self-camwhore my outfits nowadays cos there’s no suitable place at home to do it. (That’s why my Fashion Diary entries suddenly stopped.)

Okay Happy Chinese New Year! Need to rush out for last minute CNY preps now!

10 thoughts on “My loot from China

  1. Avatar

    Haha… this was at the shop where you were busy buying some cute stuff, I can’t remember what, like got cute animal designs like teddy bear stuff or something? Near the shop where you bought the watch you didn’t really want to buy. LOL.

  2. Avatar

    My thick padded and furred Superboy Nike jacket I bought and never got to wear also. The weather just kept getting warmer. Apparently it’s snowing now in Hubei though… ;)

  3. Avatar

    WOW! all so cute, no wonder u cant resist and bought so much. Buy and sell in Singapore sure makes lots of profits.. haha

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