My friends say I look fat

Am in the March issue of Stuff Magazine.

Stuff interview

Showed my friends.

First comment: “Why they make you look so fat?!”


How how how… if people think I look fat, who will wanna read my interview?!

I guess I shall have to depend on my loyal readers here to read it. Will post up the interview if I can get the PDF. Cos my legs are cut by the binding so it will look odd if I scan the spread.

Alternatively, you can buy a copy of Stuff magazine. I will be writing a monthly column starting next issue. Really, I think it’s a good magazine with good reads even though I look fat in my interview pic.

Okay, back to work.

Busy week this week! Will try to tweet more so follow me on Twitter!

27 thoughts on “My friends say I look fat

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    @Sheylara: My gosh, you do look fat in that photo. That photographer should be skinned alive for doing this to you.

    Stuff Magazine. Hmm… did they ask you to wear those skimpy outfit? Hohoho. Will try to read your column regardless of your shape be it round or long.

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    lol you look fatter than you person. i know you are slim and look like 24 years old even thought you are reaching 30

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    omg how dare they say you look fat you never ever look fat and you never ever
    will you are slim and pretty and you look so nice in every pic you have :)

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    I digress, she doesnt look fat, she’s already like a stick in real life! so she looks nicely filled out in the photo!

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    @tvbaddict – Games and/or gadgets!

    @RN1209 – Hehe… thanks for the support! :)

    @tiger4 – No lah… skimpy outfit only for the models. I have to dress more, um, professionally cos I’m a guest columnist. :P


    @DuelistHKLeong2 – Doh… :P See above for answer. :P But yes, I agree Stuff is a good magazine~!

    @Realliveman – Haha. OK FINE THANK YOU FOR YOUR FLATTERY! :P

    @stormy – Aww is that sweet or what. Thanks! :)

    @Morte – Aiyah… I should have showed you the actual magazine when you came that day.

    @Chong -_-

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    Wow…Still admiring the picture… This picture was chosen out of how many pictures taken that day? Did you get to choose?

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    Hi Pockypig! Thanks for dropping by! :) I don’t remember how many we took. Maybe 50 or so? And no, I didn’t even get to see them, much less choose. :P

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    Normally the photographer will shoot and show you the polaroid. Then they will shortlist them and the client will choose.
    Think it’s just to trust them in choosing the best one out of so many.
    I can imagine, should be tiring.
    Anyway, only 1 dress? Or have been changing into a couple during the shooting?

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    Hahah. Already eat lah. I’m not like Julen, eat dinner at 10pm. :P

    Actually, the photos are on the monitor for everyone to see, but because I was stuck in the posing position, I couldn’t see! And after that they had to rush to do more shoots for other people.

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    Are you online 24/7? Oh…Maybe that’s y? You’ve got a blackbury haven’t you? I was trying to choose between buying an iPhone or Blackbury Bold2 but many told me that both phones must be used as a secondary phone, meaning I’ve got to hold on to a normal phone for general calling and that iPhone is mainly for media & game while Blackbury takes care of my email responses.

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    Yes I’m online 24/7 even when sleeping. Haha. Blackberry!! Not blackbury!! :P And yes, I use both and, duh, both phones can be used as primary phones. But I prefer the iPhone. Who are the stupid people who buy another phone for just for calling when they can use the iPhone or BB for that purpose? Siao.

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    Ha… That’s y? I was thinking, horrible, 2 phones in hand. Like make big business like that. BB think more suitable for me because I’m always on the run and have to get to a computer to read my email. Very jialat when it must be attended immediately. Anyway, again, not many urgent emails to reply anyway, the rest can wait.
    Haiz…headache… Or maybe, no need to buy.
    Feels like a trend to buy either iPhone or BB nowadays.
    If I buy, I might regret I think.

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    Here says my email address is required but will not be published. Does it mean even you would not be able to see right? Then, why is email required? Hmm..

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    I can tell you’re siding iPhone. Ha… Must be a very good gadget for you.
    On the other hand, if you like blogging, photo taking might be necessary and iPhone don’t take good images isn’t it? Any alternatives?

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    The emaill address is for archiving and security purposes. I can see all your email addresses. Just that it’s not published in public.

    For photo-taking, I have a camera lah.

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    I do, but I don’t like to chat on it for leisure, cos people are always disturbing me when I’m working. Only like to use it to discuss serious things or work things. :P

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    Ok. It’s getting late.
    Beauty Sleep is important to you I supposed?
    Shan’t disturb you liao.

    Catch up again soon ya.

    Got to go petrol kiosk liao. :p

    If you need to shout-out “AH”, just leave me a note anytime ya?

    Oh yes, recently, I found a so-called poet. Not bad la I think.
    You can use this on your boyfriend.

    I’ll crop & paste…

    The start seem not too appealing but the best is the end.. (i think la):p

    Here it goes. It’s “A Simple Poem About Caring” by Micheal Valencia:

    Just in case

    The night were
    to fall

    I will bring you
    a light

    So you can see
    in the darkness.

    Just in case

    The sun were
    to rise

    I will bring you
    an umbrella

    So the rays wont
    burn your face.

    Just in case

    The rain were
    to come

    I will bring you
    a coat

    So you wont catch
    a cold.

    Just in case

    The world,
    in its normal,
    unpredictable way,
    were to go on

    I will bring myself
    to you

    So you are always

    Sorry took so long, the website was busy. :p

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