Hungry on Jetstar

I’ve been taking Jetstar Asia cos it’s cheap and comfortable. But the food service is making me think twice now!

Halfway through my flight to Macau, I was hungry and needed food. But they had run out of hot food and only had a few paltry snacks left.

I had to make do with peanuts, urgh! (The food isn’t cheap, too. Chicken rice is like $12.)

They don’t allow people to bring their own food and yet they don’t stock enough to serve all passengers.


4 thoughts on “Hungry on Jetstar

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    Yeah, I am flying to HK at least once a month with JetStar and by now I’m kind of resistant against their bad service.

    Want to know what I do? Just bring your food on board anyway, so what? Will they throw you of the plane while in mid air, will they fine you for having a sip of water? No, all they can do is ask you to stop… yeah, well, I stop when you start giving me a good service.. or lets make it easier… start giving me nice personal first.

    JetStar stewards behave like they are freaking queens and kings of the Air, well, you are not, guess why you are working for JetStar and not SIA.

    If that guy ever pushes the button of my seat to make it upright without asking me or while I am sleeping again I am so gonna throw my leftover HK stinky Tofu at him.. like seriously..

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    Can bring lah. I saw people bring KFC and eat onboard making some passengers drool. They say cannot but once you are onboard and eating your food, what can they do? Throw you out of the aircraft meh?

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