Zhuhai, a scary place!

Gosh, it’s almost 2 am. I’m so sleepy but I must blog something!

Sheylara in Zhuhai

Am now in a very obiang (old-fashioned in a bad way) hotel in Zhuhai.

Zhuhai (“Pearl Sea”) is a province in China at the border of Macau. In fact, we walked over from Macau and will be staying here for a night before moving on to Humen for shopping.

We flew to Macau first because it’s cheaper or something like that. I’m not sure. The Goonfather planned the trip and the rest of us just follow.

Anyway, some photos of the obiang hotel! (It’s called Jin Ye – Golden Leaf Hotel.)





Our room costs RMB230, which is S$47. Pretty decent, lol.



The city is kinda scary. It’s dirty and old-fashioned and every time you walk past an eating place or pub, someone will walk up to you to persuade you to patronise them.

Some of them are very aggressive.

There are also beggars on the streets, mostly old people but we also saw two young kids, maybe five years old, a boy and a girl.

They followed us about 80 metres or so, persuading us in monotones to give them money.


Sheylara in Zhuhai





It was kinda strange seeing people buy and sell vegetables at 8 pm. But they’re all over the place.

The food here is nice. But I’ll talk about the food when I’m back in Singapore. It’s now almost 3 am.

Lots more to talk about but I’d better sleep. I need to wake up in about four hours’ time!

Very tired!

And sad because I can’t get on Facebook and Twitter and Plurk and MSN. All the proxies didn’t work. =(

The shopping had better be worth it! There’s some nice stuff in the mall near our hotel but the stuff in the streets are really obiang.

But we won’t be shopping here much. Taking a cab to Humen (a factory city near Shenzhen) after breakfast.



12 thoughts on “Zhuhai, a scary place!

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    Typical hotel in China based on my experience during my tour of Jian Nan. From what I heard, they say Zhuhai is a shopping paradise. From the photos, it looks like another Shenzhen to me leh.

    Ya, the Chinese are very aggressive. I remember shopping in Shenzhen, the shopping aisle are full of salesgirls asking you to patronize their shops. The whole place looks more like a red light district

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    Agree! Zhuhai and Shenzhen are border towns, very sketchy!

    Why are you going to Humen? It’s not exactly on the Conde Nast list of “places to go”…

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    @LucasS – Er… what ahems? Anyway we were only stopping over there for a night cos we flew to Macau (cheaper). :P

    @tiger4 – Yah, Zhuhai did remind me a lot of Shenzhen! Okay lah the shopping not bad but Shenzhen seems a lot cheaper.

    @abraxis – I don’t know… the Goonfather suggested it… he said the shopping there is crazy and we’ll love it there. :P

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    Especially that mall directly out of the Macau Customs, its divided into sections like Beauty (manicures @ SGD4!) Clothes, Accessories, FAKESTUFFS (HAHA), electronics, EVERYTHING! everything that you can get in HK, you get in ZH for a fraction of the price…

    enjoyy your hols!

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    zhu hai isa fantastic place…great food and great shopping..
    just back from zhuhai yesterday morning…
    jetstar does not fly there..onl tiger…
    the casinos in macao is…BIG AND BAUTIFUL..

    HAHA…PAMPERED GIRLS ..will findit otherwise..great holidat…most likelywill go again..

    if you want really fantastic food…guangchowwill be the best net..

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