10 thoughts on “YouTube Favourites #2

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    @tiger4 – Yah, Eddie Izzard and LEGO are soooo cool. But Death Star Canteen will always be my favourite! ;)

    @Mince Pye – Especially funny to make Darth Vader speak British. :P

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    @Sheylara: The James Bond one is also quite funny. He is right, how come 007 always bring the right gadgets for his mission n never bring back unused ones.

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    We know from playing countless adventure games that there are a ton of useless items sitting in our pockets, but each only has a specific usage in a specific scenario…

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    And some you even have to combine together to form a final item that is then used to reach the ring that you need to charm the dragon…

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    @Mince Pye: You are right but for James Bond, he always bring the correct and right number of gadgets and all will be used. There won’t be any unused one to bring home.

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