You all like to read about the Sentosa molest case right?

Fine. Your wish is granted.

See lah, because of all of you who like to read/talk about it, I kena have to write it for Star Blog. Not my usual choice of topic lor.

Hmm, the photo I submitted of the victim with boobs hanging out her bra got censored even more. I only censored the, um, raisins. The editors added to the area of censorship and now you can hardly see the boobs. Haha.

Well, okay I don’t want to say any more about it. Already said everything in the post, so CLICK HERE TO READ!

25 thoughts on “You all like to read about the Sentosa molest case right?

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    hey babe! long time no see! ur “new” blog template is so pretty! love it! (first time i’m seeing it cos i’ve been reading from Google Reader heh heh).

    i can’t post on ur starblog, somehow, so i will post my comment here!

    this news has definitely given rise to a lot of namecalling and labelling amongst netizens, something i really don’t condone. i’m so sick of people making racist comments, anti-LGBT comments, and such. i’m definitely against such comments because i really don’t stand for discrimination (except discrimination against stupidly racist people, haha).

    what business is it of theirs that someone is a transsexual or if that someone is a gay person?

    also, there are more things to worry and fuss over in this ailing world than other people’s sexuality. people need to get their priorities right. it’s not as if their sexuality threatens ur life…

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    @Daphne Maia – Hi babe! Glad you like the new template! I didn’t know people could read my blog from Google Reader. I thought the feeds are all truncated. But anyway, I’m in total agreement of what you said about the molest case!

    @naeboo – Got link what… the last few words.

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    BTW. This is clearly a rape case, not a molestation case.

    And this whole transvestite thing? OMG!!! Too freak’en much. The guy who did the touching in her nether regions did not look like he was touching a guy’s junk. It’s part of the Bro Code!!

    Hey, how do I get my mug pic on my comments here like the privileged do?? I want one!! I WANT ONE!!! “:D

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    You said you were going to stay away from the topic but now you just talked a whole bunch about it. :P

    How could it possibly be a rape case when no penetration was invovled. O_o Anyway, if she’s a transsexual, she would have gotten rid of the “junk”. Haha.

    You can go to to get your mug. I was going to blog about it to tell everyone but I forgot! Thanks for the reminder!

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    After doing some reading on it, I couldn’t resist saying something.

    I’m not sure how they see it in Singapore law, but in US law and inappropriate touching or fondling can be considered rape. Penetration is not a prerequisite for rape. And I believe shouldn’t be a prerequisite in any case. If a guy touches a girl in any wahy that makes her uncomfortable, she should be allowed to bring him up on rape charges. I assure you it would happen a lot less often.

    I take it you have never seen that kind of surgery before or know about it performed. I think the guy doing the touching would know if the junk was removed. Not that I have seen it before, but I hear things.

    And not just the voices in my head :P

    I’m getting me a comment mugshot!!

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    I see. But I think they ought to use a different term because, traditionally, the word “rape” is defined as “forceful sexual intercourse”. So they’re kinda redefining the word a bit, which leads to miscommunication.

    And no I’ve never seen “that kind of surgery”, lol. You mean after a man gets rid of the junk, there’s still stuff there that can be felt?

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    From what I hear….let me repeat that…from what I HEAR….it’s just not the same.

    If this girl was a guy before, the guy who was…you know….in that area, would have been in for a surprise.

    To clairify: From what I H E A R!! lol

    Alt: “Traditionally” and “rape” just don’t go well together in a sentence. :P

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    HAHA. That actually has a lot of meaning!

    ok, well, I don’t have “first hand” knowledge of it, so I couldn’t tell you exactly. lol


    From what I heard, It doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to. The male pevic area is different than the female one. Second, there is no way to replicates the inner and outer…um…you know….so it’s kind of like chopped liver rolled up.

    There are are the detail second hand….or at least the ones I can explain here HAHA

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    Yeah, I about keeled over when I head it. Just the thought makes me have shivers. Liver is bad enough. Chop it up and roll it into a ball? That just takes the cake…or liver….or…..OMG I’m sick O_0!

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    @Realliveman – Um… we eat liver here, though, and like it. Well, chicken and pig liver. :P

    @Dorai – Transformers = Trans also wat. :P

    @Soxace – That’s cool. Wish I could transform too. Haha. But I want to transform into cute animals.

    @RN1209 – Oooh nice. You got a MyBrute avatar! :P

    @tvbaddict – …

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