The Goonfather’s kidney stone

I debated a while before finally deciding to post up photos of the Goonfather’s kidney stone.

While the stone itself isn’t gross, I suppose the idea of it is somewhat disturbing, if not gross, and some people might not stomach it.

Still, in the name of science and discovery, I present to you…


Kidney stone

Some perspective first. It measure 3mm on its widest span, small enough to pass out naturally but large enough to cause inordinate measures of pain.

Having a kidney stone like this move around the internal organs, causing infection and swelling, is one of the most painful things to endure, according to the doctor, more painful even than childbirth.

It looks really fragile, like it could break into pieces anytime but it’s really sturdy so I could move it around without destroying it.

Kidney stone

Kidney stone

Kidney stone

Kidney stone

Kidney stone

Kidney stone

Kidney stone

It’s really hard to position in different angles cos it’s so tiny!

And sorry the pics are so grainy. I have bad lighting at home.

Anyway, the Goonfather is alright now although he thought he was going to die at the time the stone was raising a mutiny in his innards.

The doctor has asked him to avoid taking a bunch of stuff, including all caffeinated drinks/food, strawberries, blueberries, beetroot, spinach, cashew nuts and macademia nuts.

Kind of strange but these things will apparently cause a reccurence faster.

Well, according to the Goonfather, this is something you will never want to experience. And I’ve seen him experience it so I’m absolutely with him.

So be sure to drink lots of water all the time and cut down on the coffee!

16 thoughts on “The Goonfather’s kidney stone

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    Was all this really necessary :P

    Poor, poor GF. I hope he never has to endure that again. It’s a type of pain that is no picnic to deal with.

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    Ouch! But yeah, I guess he’s got to avoid all sorts of nuts. I had a labmate who had kidney stone and he avoids nuts like the disease…

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    BTW, the standard SAF General-Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) round is only 7.62mm in diameter, just for comparison.

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