20 thoughts on “The Goonfather – iPhone vs. Omnia

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    Well, in his defence, when the iPhone first came out, it really lacked important features. Now that they’ve been added in…

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    I have to admit, I am like TGF, brushing off the iphone when it just came out (I dun like the omnia too as it is Win Mobile). But after seeing all great apps that can be installed on the iphone, i start to change my view. Now, my mobile contract is going to end n i am thinking whether to get an Andriod or iphone.

    I believe what makes the iphone so successful is the apps and the smooth touch screen interface, as many people have problem with touch screen phones when they switch from tactile keypad.

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    Hahah, I totally agree with GF, cos I have an omnia and converted to the iPhone too.

    Besides the obvious, going from resistive touch to capacitive touch is like going from the stone age to the 21st century in user experience.

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    hahaaaa hilarious! XD

    i have an ipod touch and all the FREE GAMES you can dl from the App store is sinful! It is my NO.1 procrastinating tool… *just a quick game*

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