The evil of telemarketing grows

Telemarketers are getting more and more annoying! Not only do they invade your personal domains (your phone), they try to sell you stuff you don’t want.

On top of that, nowadays, they read make-nice sentences off convoluted scripts before even telling you what they’re trying to sell you.

You know how some pay-per-minute calls go on and on in their introduction menus, saying tons of redundant things, making you pay for precious minutes for nothing?

It’s like that.

Telermarketers now take two hundreds years to get to the point where they actually tell you what they’re selling, when you can safely say, “Oh that’s what you’re selling? I’m not interested.”


I don’t want to know your name.

I don’t want you to ask if it’s a good time to talk.

I don’t want you to tell me I’m one of the specially selected elite few to be receiving your call.

I don’t want you using formal, polite sentences as if you were reading a business letter to the Queen of England, adding a zillion redundant words to make yourself sound more polite but prolonging my misery!

“Good morning, m’am. Thank you, m’am, for your kind patience in hearing what I have to offer to you. I am quite certain that you will benefit much from our brand new service, which I will be most delighted to share with you in a moment. And, now, m’am, this exciting offer which I have right here, which I would like to share with you is…”

What is that?! Nobody talks like that in real life. Just get to the point already.

I don’t care if you have to do this job to survive. This is a terrible, evil job, next to flyer distribution, and you should rather starve than accept the job.


7 thoughts on “The evil of telemarketing grows

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    Ya!!!! I received 2 already, so annoying!!!! At least you can still stare straight ahead and walk past flyer distributers!

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    I can feel your hatred towards them. No choice, a job is just a job. We cannot blame them after all because it is the company who get the information about us. Ha… Nah. I dun defend them at all.

    Usually, when they start speaking up, just tell them, I am not interested. Reason being like this because, this is never the end. Next few days, you will receive call again. ha.. I learn to be nice and say byebye unless the person kept talking non stop until I flare up. Yes, I did once and shouted: Can you bloody listen to me? I’m not interested at all.

    Hoo! And I once complain to my friend who is an IT Mngr in certain tele coy because the telemarketer kept calling my wife non stop bcoz the agent kept forgetting to ask this and that. at the same time, my wife has to take care of our infant. Can you imagine the caller called 20 times till it vibrant and drop on floor?

    Anyway, just sharing with you tho. =)

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    It’s against the law in the US for telemarketers to call someone without permission. Wasn’t always that way, but it came to that because of this happening to often.

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    That’s why I dun pick up calls from unknown numbers. If it is really a important / personal call, the other party will call again n I will recognize the repetitive numbers.

    But then lately they have a new tool – No caller ID, which make me pick up cause my home is using that too. Duh!

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