Sticky kitty

Funny how stray cats are often friendlier than home cats (especially when you’re eating at coffee shops).

Stray cat

We recently came across a most friendly, manja, attention-seeking stray cat ever.

Outside Leisure Park Kallang, a cat walked past the Goonfather and immediately rolled over on its back, baring its belly.

The Goonfather stopped and stared. When the cat realised that it wasn’t going to get a belly rub, it got up, walked nearer him, then flopped over again.

This happened once more and I decided to get my camera out.

Here’s the video of what happened next. Very cute, must watch!

16 thoughts on “Sticky kitty

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    It really depends on whether the kitty’s been mistreated before or not. Some kitties have been kicked around before. Those are not so manja…

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    I finally got to see the video (it was blocked here for a bit). Last time I was in Singapore I was visiting a Buddhist template south of Chinatown and there were like 100 cats all gathered in a park across the street. It was like a kitty convention. Then this monk walks across the street and proceeds to feed them and give them water. All of them.
    Fat and happy, the cat scurried off into the bushes and the monk went back to his daily routine.

    I came back the next day and the monk was doing the same thing with the cats. Apparently the temple buys cat food every week and feeds the cats and has been for a very long time.

    It’s sad that there are so many stray’s. Not just there, but here in the US too. Bob Barker was on to something when he signed off his game shows with the tag line “And remember to have your pet spayed or neutered”.

    But for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why they all were missing their tails at the temple. Or at least most of them. Any idea why this would be?

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    Tipped-eared cats like this one (left ear got the tips cut off surgically during general anaesthesia, not abuse!) in Singapore indicates that they are spayed already.

    They are well-fed and well taken care of by kind cat caregivers who spay them with their own money :)

    This is Trap-Neuter-Release-Management at its best!

    But yeah, friendly cats like that tend to be the ones that get abused by psychos :(

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    @ionstorm: Ya, this cat is lucky. I have seen cats that tremble at the sight of humans. Even if I tried to sayang it, it will run away. Must be ill treated badly by humans.

    for me, i still prefer dogs. Dogs live for their owners. Human live for their cats.

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    he/she totally adorable! all my cats are like that too even stray cats too! they all very manja one and thinking of attracting our attentions! love them!
    p/s : i got 13 cats at my home for now … maybe gonna increase later! hahaha!

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    That’s our favorite cat too! Our group of kakis always see it too when we are having dinner and catching a movie at Kallang Leisure Park. It’s always outside the entrance of Subway or Starbucks!

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    that’s really cute!!

    there’s a cat that will always be around my house in the evenings when i return home from work. cute too, but kinda ‘dao’. heh. i thought of blogging about it too!

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    So kyoot! My cousin told me they aren’t stray cats, but “public cats” or “community cats”. Well fed and loved =D

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