Phantom purchase

Just spent USD12.95 on iPhone apps. First time installing paid apps since I bought my phone 16 months ago. I bought WhatsApp, Awesome Note, Catan, Millionaire Tycoon and Hipstamatic.

iPhone apps

That last app is a mystery. Suddenly received a receipt for it via e-mail. I saw it while browsing apps in iTunes Store, but don’t recall clicking ‘Buy App’. Wasn’t even interested in it. But it’s a Top 5 app and looks cool so what the heck.

8 thoughts on “Phantom purchase

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    The Moron Test is a pretty fun app. I have Hipstamatic and it pretty cool when you use it with the Polaroid app. Retro!! Field Runners is the most fun app ever!

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    @Dorai: iPhone Apps are develop by independent developers. The fees are paid to them instead.

    @Sheylara: Wow. u really love ue new blog skin. New post every day. Something even 2!

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    @Realliveman – The Moron Test?? Why would anyone want to take a test like that?

    @Dorai – I think Stevie made his billions way before iphone. :P

    @tiger4 – Hello neighbourhood police! :P Glad you like the new skin! :)

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    Becasue you realize just how moronic you really are HA

    It was one of the top listed apps so I had to check it out. there is a free version (lite) you can try before you buy

    Look I gotta mug!!! ———>

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